If you’ve been keeping track of all that’s happening in the exam circuit of the ‘legal world’, you’ll know that MAH Law CET 2016 is the last law school entrance exam for this year’s academic season.

Naturally, it goes without saying that it’s a make-or-break exam if you’re keen to carve out a career in law. The good part about this entrance exam is that it’s the last one in the season, with merit lists of other tests mostly out, and law aspirants have a good idea about where they can land up in, with or without a great performance in MAH Law CET!

MAH Law CET also marks the first ever online aptitude exam for a lot of students. So along with that novelty, the exam also brings in a fair dose of worries and tension for many of you law aspirants!

But there’s nothing to fear. Here are some last minute tips to help you give your best for MAH Law CET 2016.

  • Time for a brush-up
    Brush up on your legal GK from reliable sources. Unlike typical legal aptitude sections of other law entrance tests, this section in MAH Law CET is dominated by legal GK and not reasoning. Revise current affairs of the last one year and key questions from mock tests that you took earlier.
  • Don’t overdo things this week
    It’s best not to take more than 2 mocks this week. Before you analyse previously taken mocks, don’t proceed to the next one. Taking a mock every day for the next five days won’t have any substantial impact on your score. At the most, multiple tests might leave you fatigued before the actual exam day.
  • Don’t be complacent with your scores
    While anything over 70% of the total marks (105+ out of 150) is generally perceived to be a good score in most law aptitude tests, competition is likely to be higher this time and cut-offs may go up further. So don’t get complacent with 100+ scores. Try and target the 115-120 score range to land a higher rank and a better college. At the end of the day, you should be satisfied that you gave your best shot.
  • Don’t overburden yourself with extra information
    Don’t go looking for extra information on exam tips and visit multiple websites! The more you read these, the more confused will you get.
  • Sound sleep just before the exam day
    Partying or night outs before the exam day is a strict no-no! So, before the exam day, on 18th and 19th, stay calm, relax your mind and body, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep.


  • Don’t forget your admit card
    Wear and eat what you are most comfortable with. Pack the essentials like your admit card on the previous night to avoid a last minute rush. And of course, reach the test centre well in time.
  • Stay away from random conversations
    At the centre, you’re going to see flocks of students discussing how comfortable or depressed they are about the upcoming test! Don’t get into these discussions. Just feel confident about your own preparedness.
  • Maintain a strict self-discipline of timing: MAH Law CET is a 2-hour test. This means you will get only 48 seconds per question on average. Pick the section that YOU are most comfortable with. Irrespective of the order in which you attempt sections, maintain a strict self discipline of section wise timing in your mind.
  • Attempt all the questions: There’s no negative marking in MAH Law CET, so make sure you attempt all the 150 questions. This is a crucial thing a lot of students miss out on, since they get very engrossed with the exam, and forget to keep a track of the time.

Suggested time allocation during the test is as follows:

5 year LL.B Entrance test

Section Questions Ideal Attempt time (Min)
Legal Aptitude (Heavy on Legal GK) 40 25
Logical and analytical reasoning 40 35
GK including CA 30 15
English 30 25
Basic Mathematics 10 10
Unattempted questions & Review 10
Total 150 120


3 year LL.B Entrance test

Section Questions Ideal Attempt time (Min)
Legal Aptitude (Heavy on Legal GK) 30 20
Logical and analytical reasoning 30 30
GK including CA 40 20
English 50 40
Unattempted questions & Review 10
Total 150 120


  • Keep an eye on ‘review’ marked questions
    Keep an eye on ‘review’ marked questions. You may want to revisit them in the last few minutes to make intelligent guesses. Attempt these questions, rather than the unmarked questions. This will reduce your risk of getting them wrong, which in turn will boost overall attempts without compromising your accuracy.
  • Be prepared for surprises
    Remember, if you were surprised, others will be too! Ultimately, it boils down to who handles the surprises better. Your mocks would have prepared you for shocks (IMS does, for sure!).

May you reach the peak of your potential in the 120 minutes of MAH Law CET 2016! All the best.

To know more about MAH Law CET, visit our earlier post on the exam.


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