A lot has been written about the already well-established NLUs, and by this time, people are quite aware of those reputed institutes. However, not much is known about relatively new or lower ranked NLUs, due to which there are many pre-conceived notions about them. They often cater to different aspirational levels. Those who have joined these NLUs, often find a perception-reality mismatch. They also experience a few pleasant surprises. NLU Odisha happens to be one such case

Aayushi Hatwal, a second year student at NLU Odisha shares her experiences about a low profile, but an upcoming NLU. Her own story will help you to make a more informed and fact-based opinion about the law school.

National Law University, Odisha – A law school with a difference

“There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of the law. No artist ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth”- Jean Giraudoux

That’s exactly what it is to be in a law school. Five years of innovation and creation of unusual entities. We are in the internet era. So, it is not that difficult to know the law; yet new law schools keep emerging every now and then. Studying law is much more than just a mere acknowledgement of its existence. It’s about appreciating it, moulding it and making it an instrument of change. Law school is an experience that changes people, their perspective and lives forever. One such experience is National Law University Odisha, a vibrant addition to NLU league. Despite all odds, a relatively young NLU is carving a name for itself within a short span of time. A few factors instrumental in its success are as follows:

Mooting Achievements

Mooting is an integral part of law schools across the globe. Being the specialised application of the art of persuasive advocacy, mooting achievements of a law school reflect its standards. NLU Odisha has always been an active and enthusiastic participant in various prestigious moots. The environment is suitable for the development of mooting skills and has yielded exceptional results. From being in the world semifinals of Philip C. Jessup to Willem C. Vis, NLUO has made a mark in almost every prestigious national and international competition. Guidance from seniors and faculty is readily available for such moots and participation is always appreciated and encouraged.

Academics and Faculty

While faculty members vary from being fairly decent to exceptionally good, the academic culture of the university is quite strong and innovative. Practical aspects are given due weightage along with the theoretical ones and some classes may have more discussions than merely teaching of text, which in turn creates a healthier, interactive environment for learning. Teachers are at all times available and approachable for any doubts that may linger after the classes. Every semester is divided into two set of exams, the mid-semester for 25 marks and the end-semester for 45 marks. The break-up of the remaining 30 marks is between assignments and attendance as 25 and 5 respectively.

Infrastructure and Location

For those who seek a happening party life, the location of the university maybe a huge letdown, but on the other hand for nature loving lads who seek peace and solitude it’s an introvert’s paradise, far away from the chaos of the city. The city market itself is not too far from the campus. In terms of infrastructure NLU-O can give some of the renowned private colleges of the country, a run for their money. With 3 hostels, 2 for boys and 1 for girls (and another one under construction), there is enough space for everybody. The ease of single occupancy rooms for all batches and double occupancy for first years also adds to the perks.

The campus has an amphitheater with the seating capacity of 700 people and a sports complex for basketball, tennis and volleyball. A fully functional academic block with air conditioned classrooms; a seminar hall and a moot court hall along with a library which functions till midnight are some other add-ons. Campus also houses 3 canteens and two photocopy cum stationery shops for the convenience of the students.

Other activities

There are various other societies (not just related to academics), which help in development of talent of students from various backgrounds with variety of interests. These societies are run by a mutual participation of students and faculty together. Legal Aid, Informal Discussion Group, Cult Crew, Debating Society and others are some of these. New societies keep emerging with the initiative of students and new areas of interest are thus rediscovered. The university also organises a national level sports fest, Viraj, every year, national level debate competition, a national maritime arbitration moot and gives ample exposure to students.


In spite of being a young NLU, big law firms and corporates have shown great interest in hiring students from NLUO. Students have been placed at various reputed corporates such as AZB, Luthra, Trilegal, Khaitan & Company, while some are also working with renowned lawyers of the country. Moreover, many students have been selected for LLM studies abroad and some have also been able to crack the state judicial exams.

Like every coin, there is another side to NLU Odisha story, too. Yet it cannot be defined because it is a matter of perspective and may be subjective. While the location factor may be a game changer for some, others might not consider it at all. But there can be no doubt that NLU Odisha is set to challenge the status quo of the established hierarchy of NLUs in coming years. It is well positioned to fight the odds to emerge as an institution of innovation and excellence with the best career prospects for every graduate.


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