This is the final blog post in our four-part blog series on NLU Ranking. Here’s where you’ll find the first blog on the actual NLU ranking. To find out the ranking parameters to evaluate the NLUs, click here for our second blog. And here’s the third blog on the ranking cut-offs for the NLUs.

Like IITs and IIMs, the top-most ranked NLUs are largely consistent across surveys, namely NLSIU, Bangalore at the top, followed by NALSAR, Hyderabad and then NUJS, Kolkata. The quest for the “best option” starts beyond the top three obvious preferences. In this blog, we discuss the parameters that you need to keep in mind while selecting the right national law university for you.

Students should consider the following parameters at the time of NLU admission

Decision criteria Quantitative indicator Significance
Batch potential Rank range & Rank quotient Better ranked students prefer to study in top institutes. Wide rank range is not good. Peer pressure is not created within the batch. Better students do not push themselves and those who can’t cope are left out. Tight range means the batch is likely to perform in a more uniform manner
Batch demographics Batch size & domicile reservations Smaller batch is easy to place. Multi cultural environment leads to better exposure and learning
Better faculty & placements Location NLUs in better locations provide better internships & placements, attract visiting faculty with hands-on experience
Alumni base Age of the institute Older institute has handled more students. This increases alumni base & provides better chances of networking
Location attractiveness Better social life Five years should not be only about studies. Students should have a lot of fun in the process

What makes good law graduates?

Back to the basics

The academic/ financial gain at the end of five years is largely a function of two factors:

  • Quality perception/ Brand of the institute –
    • This leads to better placements, builds a strong alumni base over a period of time. Institutes in better location attract better placements earlier than others. Unfortunately, placement data is not well-covered across NLU websites
    • Placement reputation of an institute is closely linked to quality of students it attracts at the entry level. Rank cut-offs are a good reflection of the quality of students
  • Grooming of entrants throughout NLU journey –
    • Quality infrastructure, library, faculty, summer internships, moot court competitions are key factors
    • With respect to these, certain NLUs may have built a better qualitative perception. It is still subjective, and hence is based on opinions or word of mouth

A word of caution

A lot depends on an individual’s learning experience and profile-building over the five-year journey. It is also seen that many top performers at lower ranked NLUs end up getting a better boost in their careers over average performers at highly rated NLUs.

After all, an individual’s career progression over 20-25 years is a complex function of decisions that one makes. An informed choice of law school is just one such decision. Having said that, there is no reason why one should not choose the best possible NLU at the entry point.

Hope this blog helps you in making an informed and comparatively mature decision while selecting the right law school.

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