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CLAT Maximizer 2021

  • The completely online program is tailor-made for CLAT 2021 repeat takers. It will also help serious NLU Delhi aspirants for AILET 2021
  • This program is an ideal mix of concept revision and practice, with emphasis on mock test solving/analysis & score improvement/test strategy sessions
Program Type Coverage Program Fee (Inclusive of GST)
CLAT Maximizer (Non-IMS)-2021* All exams mentioned above Rs. 30,000 Enrol Now

*Students who prepared at IMS for CLAT 2020 should contact their IMS center or write to enquiry@imsindia.com with PIN & name, for details of CLAT Maximizer 2021 program

Program Features

  • Dedicated mentor (NLU graduate) throughout test prep journey
  • Key concept reviser classes
  • Online practice tests & analysis sessions
  • Weekly CLAT mock test launch & discussion
  • Dedicated doubt solving sessions
  • One-on-one, test strategy & score improvement sessions

Online practice content

  • Concept & class recap videos
  • Topic wise tests
  • Periodic GK quizzes

Exhaustive study material (20+ print books)

  • Books segregated by modules for easy reference
  • Compiled by experts with rich experience in teaching and content creation
  • New CLAT pattern compendium for extensive practice of critical reasoning, reading comprehension, Data Interpretation case lets

40+ CLAT & AILET mocks

  • Pattern & level of difficulty is based on past year paper design
  • Detailed explanatory answers for every mock

Access to student Portal – myIMS

Learning & testing resources available on myIMS:

  • Tests & videos: 100+ time bound, topic wise tests across sections for practice. 250+ concept & class recap videos for any-time revision
  • GK Snippets: A Fortnightly snapshot of current affairs in newspaper format, split by topics
  • GK Quizzes: Online quizzes (KnowledGym) launched on fortnightly basis for adequate revision of important current affairs, business and legal events
  • Alerts & Notifications: Timely alerts about institute/exam, application details, form filling & admission process guidance

For any other queries, please write to us at enquiry@imsindia.com .


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