IMS CLAT 2019 Test Series

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IMS SimCLATs with Experts' Take

CLAT throws surprises, so do IMS simCLATs! Every mock test in this series has few surprises for test taker so as to give an ultimate experience of CLAT before it happens. Some of the tests in the series are proctored and administered at IMS centers to simulate the actual test (CLAT) conditions.

Experts' Take is a post test analysis by academic specialists at IMS. It is based on the intelligence built from the test takers’ data collected during each SimCLAT window. It answers a wide array of questions like how to balance attempts and accuracy, how to choose right questions and ultimately how toppers behave differently from others. These tips and tricks go a long way in optimizing attempts and accuracy, since both of them impact the overall CLAT score. In short, any test without an experts' take is incomplete since it leaves the test takers without a feedback for improvement.

CLAT Test Series 2019

Rs. 4248/- (Fee : Rs. 3600 + GST : Rs. 648)

15 simCLATs (Full length CLAT Mock Tests)

100+ Section Tests (2000 Q) + 20 GK Quizzes

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Take Home Test pack

Take Home Test pack is a must buy for CLAT aspirants who are ready to go an extra mile to ensure a seat in top NLU. 30 full length mock tests in this pack provide exhaustive practice, with the convenience of taking them from home.

CLAT Test Series (Take Home) 2019

Rs. 6608/ (Fee: Rs 5600 + GST : Rs. 1008)

30 Take Home Tests (Full length CLAT Mock Tests conducted in Un-Proctored mode) +

100+ Section Tests (2000 Q) + 20 GK Quizzes100+ Section Tests (2000 Q) + 20 GK Quizzes

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Learning & testing resources available on myIMS (Students’ Portal):

CA Fact Bytes – A Fortnightly snapshot of current affairs, written in a student friendly format. It covers a variety of topics like International News, Awards & Honors, Government & politics, sports etc.

GQuest–An online repository of static GK component covering subjects like ancient history, world geography, etc. It also provides in depth analysis of the GK section of recent question papers of CLAT, AILET etc., with recommended approach for GK prep.

KnowledGym (GK Quizzes) – 20 online National level quizzes launched on fortnightly basis to ensure adequate attention to GK/CA prep. These quizzes are designed as per relative importance of various topics covered in CLAT, AILET, SET, and IPUCET

Alerts & Notifications: This feature provides timely alerts about institute/exam application details, form filling & admission process guidance.

Interactive Forum (Shout Box) – enables student to discuss and resolve queries.

Law Blogs: Periodic Blogs give unique prep tips and career guidance.

Application Guidelines – Provides step by step form filling guidelines to students in application process.

Exam Analysis – In depth analysis of key law entrance exams by experts at IMS can help students to draw up the preparation strategy for 2019.

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