SLAT 2019 Exam Analysis

SLAT 2019 Analysis

Symbiosis International University conducted SLAT 2019 test for admission to Symbiosis law schools located in Pune, Hyderabad, Noida and Nagpur on May 4, 2019 in online mode. The test had 5 sections with 30 questions in each section. The duration of the examination was 150 minutes (2.5 Hrs.). Each question had 4 options and carried one mark each. There was no negative marking for incorrect answers. Let us look at section wise analysis

Legal Aptitude (30 Q)

21 Static Legal GK Questions appeared as big surprise element in this exam. This included 16 Q from constitution, 2 each from criminal law & contracts & 1 from tort. Except 2-3, the rest were easy. There were 8 legal reasoning Questions without principle. Out of these, 2 Q each were based on torts, contracts, criminal law & constitution. Finally, there was 1 moderately difficult Q on tort based assertion-reasoning. 22-23 should be a good score in this section

General Knowledge (30 Q)

This section had 25 Q from current affairs. Out of 25, 4 Q from Legal GK were based on not very famous amendments. 21 General awareness Questions were a mixed bag with contribution from personalities & world news (4 Q each), world forums & government news (3 Q), new establishments, government schemes & awards (2 Q each). There was one Question on military exercise. As a whole, there were no surprise elements & a score of 20-21 should be achievable

Reading Comprehension (30 Q)

This section had 6 passages of varying word range from 200-350+. One passage was as long as 500 words. 2 passages were difficult to comprehend & 4 were easy. Topics varied from environment protection, mining & surveillance, GST, racism, reclamation & history. Questions based on passages were quite straight forward. 21-22 was a gettable score in this section

Analytical Reasoning (30 Q)

16 maths based Questions in this section came as a bit of surprise. Questions were pretty easy & manageable. There were a total of 6 Q from ratio-proportion & fractions, from 3 Q each from profit & loss & averages, 2 Q from ages & 1 Q each from time & work & partnership 

Remaining 14 Q were divided into verbal analogies (5 Q), family tree (2 Q), alphabet series & word coding (3 Q each) & 1 Q on strong-weak argument. 20 marks could have been a decent score in this section

Logical Reasoning (30 Q)

This section had a variety of Q types. 6 Q were vocab based (3 Q each on Antonym-Synonym & verbal analogies). 7 Q on verbal reasoning were split into statement-conclusion (5 Q) & course of action (2 Q). Third question type was conventional logical reasoning spread across circular arrangement case let & number series (4 Q each), Venn diagram & word coding (2 Q each) & 1 Q each based on directions, clock, family tree & puzzle. Except number series based Q, most Q were easy & a score of 23-24 was achievable

To summarize, time constraint was not an issue in this exam like a representative SLAT exam. 105+ should be good score for SLS Pune PI-WAT shortlist & 98+ should be good score for Noida shortlist. All the best for results 


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