MAH Law CET - (5 Yr. LLB)

Mah Law CET (5yr) 2019 analysis

Welcome to the analysis of Mah Law CET (5yr) 2019 exam, held on 21 April 2019 from 10 AM – 12 Noon. Online exam was of 150 Questions, each carrying one mark. Questions belonged to five sections, namely Legal Aptitude (40Q), English (30Q), Logical Reasoning (40Q), GK (30Q), Maths (10Q). Duration was 120 minutes & there were no section level time limits. Difficulty was perceived to be on easy-moderate side, with some surprises

Here is a quick section wise analysis of Mah Law CET (5 yr) 2019

Legal Aptitude & Legal Reasoning (40Q)
Continuing historical trend, this section had all legal reasoning Q of principle-fact type & was a scoring one. As high as 14 Q from criminal law came as a surprise element. There were 12 Q from contracts & 11 Q from torts. 3 Q were of miscellaneous nature. Questions were of moderate length but easy. A good score should be 30-32

English (30Q)
This section had two RC passages, each of 450-500 words. The one about legal profession with 8 Q was moderately difficult & the other one with 5 Q was easy. There were 3 Q each from fill in the blanks (words), error spotting within a sentence & grammar correction. 4 Q needed jumbling of words to make a logical sentence. 2 Q each were based on correct use of phrases & words within a sentence. On the whole, this was a fairly easy & scoring section. A good score should be 22-23

General Knowledge with Current Affairs (30Q)
Expectedly, almost 12-13 questions were of static type, including 7 Q from Static Legal GK & 4 from Indian history. Easy static Q were asked from world forums, establishments & government schemes (1Q each). Except a few unexpected history Q & few tough ones from Static Legal GK, the rest were doable

Current affairs Q, on the other hand, needed second level of knowledge in certain Q. e.g. Title winner’s country, defence exercise’s location, satellite launch location, government scheme’s end date etc, which made them look difficult. A few unusual Q were based on awards & sports. 2 Q from business & trade were doable with some reading. As a section, this section is likely to make a difference to the overall score. 16-17 would be a good score

Logical and Analytical Reasoning (40Q)
Like a typical LR section, it was all about selection of right case lets & leaving lengthy ones that would have avoided unwarranted frustration & time wastage for smart test takers. One matrix arrangement with 5 Q (Fruits, people & departments) was a ‘must-leave’ set. So was the logical puzzle with comparison of height of 3 people. The one with 5 Q on vertical arrangement was a little time consuming but easy. Syllogism based (4Q), linear arrangement case with north-south facing (5Q) & family tree (2Q) were ‘must-solve’ sets. 4-5 Q each on comparison of variables & linear arrangement with 2 dimensions would have consumed some time. 5 Q on word coding were simple. By avoiding time wasters, around 30 Q could have been attempted in 35 min with a score of 23-24 marks. Performance in this section will also make a difference to overall score

Mathematical Aptitude (10Q)
This was the simplest of the sections for students who bothered to attempt it. 2 Q were based on quadratic inequalities & ration-proportion each. 3 Q were based on Venn diagram. The rest were spread across profit & loss, TSD, time & work. This was as easy section as English & 6-7 marks could have been easily scored

Adding up section wise total, 100+ should still be a decent score for Top law schools

All the best for results


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