MH Law CET - (5 Yr. LLB)

MH Law CET (5yr) 2020 analysis

MH Law CET (5yr) 2020 exam was held on 11 October in two slots. It was a centre proctored, online exam with 150 Q & 2-hr duration. Marking scheme was +1, zero, with no sectional time limit or sectional cut-offs

The detailed analysis for each section is as follows:

General Knowledge and Current Affairs (30 Q)

The GK section in both slots was a moderately difficult section. There were no surprises with respect to question types asked in the section. Around 80% Q were current Affairs based & the rest were of static GK nature

The key topics were awards & honors (6 Q), government schemes and politics (4 Q), personalities, days and dates (2 Q each) etc. The section had several Maharashtra based General Awareness questions.
A good score range would be 20-21

Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning (40 Q)

Legal Aptitude and Reasoning section was easy-moderate in difficulty. The section was not time consuming. Some questions were tricky, due to given options, but most questions required just the basic understanding of the legal principles of contract, Criminal Law, Torts, etc.

A good attempt would have been 40/40. Good score would be 33-35

Logical & Analytical Reasoning (40 Q)

This was a standard section with questions on floor based puzzle and a mixed puzzle (Slot-1) and box based puzzle and age related puzzle in Slot-2 (9-10 Q). Seating Arrangement questions were on 8 people sitting around a square table and a linear arrangement set of 9 people facing North (10 Q). Questions on Inequality (4-5 Q) and Input-Output (5 Q) in slot-1 were replaced by coding-decoding (6-7 Q) and statement-conclusion (3-4 Q) in slot-2. Other topics were directions, blood relations & syllogisms (2-3 Q each), arrangement of letters, symbols and digits (1-2 Q). Overall difficulty level was moderate to difficult. This section was time consuming and selection of questions would have made a difference.
Good score will be 25-27

Mathematics (10 Q)

This section was of easy to moderate difficulty level. Questions were from Percentages - single and set based questions (2-5 Q). Other topics covered were equations, ratio & proportion, averages, profit & loss, mensuration, time & distance, time & work, simple and compound interest (1-2 Q). As questions were easy and straightforward, a good attempt would be all 10 Q with a good score of 7-8

English (30 Q)

This section was of easy to moderate level of difficulty with no change from the 2019 pattern. There were two reading comprehension passages in both shifts with 6 questions each. There were 7 questions from grammar, including 4 from error identification and 3 from sentence correction. There were 5 vocabulary Q (3 idioms/phrases, 2 word usage) in slot 1 and 7 (5 idioms/phrases, 2 word usage) in slot 2. Other Q types included parajumbles or single fill in the blanks (Across slots). Overall, the section was easy. Good attempt would be all 30 with a good score of 23-24.

To summarize,

Overall paper was quite similar to 2019 in terms of pattern & difficulty level. 110+ should be a good score. Top 5 college cut-offs should be in the range of 97-105. All the best for results!


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