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1 JBIMS* 138 99.91 99.73 99.3 95.16
2 Sydenham 207 99.64 99.8 99.15 99.64 98.23 99.15 87.72 94.78
3 Welingkar* 138 99.46 99.06 97.88 90.57
4 PUMBA 207 98.76 99.39 98.23 98.86 95.48 97.88 85.08 87.1
5 COEP* 35 99.06 98.65 98.06 87.1
6 SIES^ 126 99.06 98.96
7 Xavier^ 63 98.76 98.86
8 Chetana 138 98.52 98.65 97.88 98.38 96.84 97.28 79.32 82.82
9 MET 207 97.7 98.06 95.79 97.7 95.59 96.84 70.48 77.45
10 Lala's^ 252 95.79 95.79
11 Indira IIMP* 345 96.1 95.16 93.7 73.01
12 Thakur^ 189 94.78 95.16
13 Rizvi^ 126 93.7 94.78
14 Alkesh Dinesh 138 92.51 97.28 88.34 92.94 88.92 91.54 37.51 69.04
15 Vivekanand^ 189 92.94 92.94
16 ICEM Pune 69 94.78 95.79 94.06 94.42 93.31 93.7 62.4 -
17 FC Rodrigues^ 63 92.03 92.03
18 Vidyalankar 138 90.07 87.72 82.01 86.44 85.08 85.79 14 58.42
19 Bharati 207 88.34 90.07 81.2 88.34 84.32 85.79 - 54.13
20 Atharva 138 87.72 89.52 83.57 87.72 82.82 87.72 56.34 -
21 Indira ISBS 138 94.06 94.06 92.94 93.31 92.03 92.03 60.44 69.04
22 Indira IGBS 69 92.51 92.94 90.57 92.51 91.05 91.54 24.81 60.44
23 Durgadevi Saraf^ 126 90.07 88.34
24 Neville Wadia 138 87.72 90.07 81.2 87.1 78.42 86.44 27.97 46.38
25 Sinhgad 690 51.7 71.78 27.97 69.04 31.26 69.04 51.7 51.7
* Indicates Institutes with State Level Seats
^ Indicates Institutes with Minority Seats
Note: Minority Institutes don't have category and EWS Seats. Numbers outside the bracket are CET scores
1 JBIMS* 138 - 99.97 99.9 99.94
2 Sydenham 207 - 99.90 99.69 99.8
3 Welingkar* 138 - 99.68 99.15 99.58
4 PUMBA 207 - 99.60 98.65 98.86
5 COEP* 35 - 99.58 98.65 99.06
6 SIES^ 126 62.4 99.58 - 98.86
7 Xavier^ 63 87.1 99.54 - 98.65
8 Chetana 138 - 99.14 98.23 98.52
9 MET 207 - 98.63 96.84 98.06
10 Lala's^ 252 18.99 97.69 - 96.84
11 Indira IIMP* 345 - 96.05 94.78 97.48
12 Thakur^ 189 3.4 96.13 - 94.42
13 Rizvi^ 126 70.48 95.79 - 93.31
14 Alkesh Dinesh 138 - 92 89.52 92.94
15 Vivekanand^ 189 34.43 93.7 - 93.31
16 ICEM Pune 69 - 95.48 93.31 96.84
17 FC Rodrigues^ 63 34.43 91.34 - 91.05
18 Vidyalankar 138 - 83 51.7 87.1
19 Bharati 207 - 83 78.42 89.52
20 Atharva 138 - 80 65.91 85.79
21 Indira ISBS 138 - 94 92.51 95.48
22 Indira IGBS 69 - 91 90.57 94.78
23 Durgadevi Saraf^ 126 46.38 90.52 - 87.72
24 Neville Wadia 138 - 81 80.28 91.54
25 Sinhgad 690 - 68.66 8.27 79.32
* Indicates Institutes with State Level Seats
^ Indicates Institutes with Minority Seats
Note: Minority Institutes don't have category and EWS Seats.

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