IMS, the leader in Test preparation since 1977, has always been recognized for its commitment to the success of its students. We now take this commitment one notch higher - with the launch of IMS GUARANTEE program. Under IMS Admit Guarantee, if the student does not receive admit in one of the Universities / Schools shortlisted by IMS Consultant.

Our Admit Guarantee shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The decision of providing a guarantee to a student will be at the sole discretion of the IMS Consultant / IMS centre.
  2. This Guarantee shall be applicable for Universities / Schools which are shortlisted for the student by IMS.
  3. MS shall finalize 7 Universities / Schools for the students. This shortlist shall be provided to the student after enrollment. The shortlist shall include such Universities / Schools which require SAT or without SAT as an admission criterion.
  4. The student should apply to all the Universities / Schools which have been shortlisted by IMS. The student may also apply to any additional Universities / Schools as per individual discretion. These additional universities will not be covered under the admit guarantee scheme.
  5. The student should attend all the classes of the SAT test prep program at IMS centre, in case the student is enrolled in a comprehensive (test preparation +admission consulting) program with IMS.
  6. The student has to get actual SAT score in the range decided by the IMS Admission Consultant, in order to be eligible for the admit guarantee. In case the studentis not able to get a SAT score in the range decided, IMS will give the student the option of repeating the SAT classes.
  7. The student will not be entitled to a refund if the student’s SAT score is not in the range specified by the IMS Admission Consultant
  8. The student shall take the actual SAT and the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE as per the timeline recommended by the IMS consultant. In case the student wishes to take the test beyond the recommended timeline, he shall submit a letter / email detailing the reasonsfor the decision.
  9. The student shall re-take the actual SAT and the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE if the same is recommended by the IMS consultant.
  10. The student shall ensure that all the applications to the finalized Universities / Schools are complete in all respects. The student should take any additional test which may be individually required by a University / School.
  11. The student shall ensure that all the applications to the finalized Universities / Schools are submitted by the application deadlines. IMS is not responsible for submitting the applications for the student.
  12. The student shall attend all mock interview sessions arranged by IMS (if mock interviews are a part of the student’s admission process).
  13. This guarantee shall also be rendered inapplicable in the following circumstances:
    • If the student does not take the actual SAT within one year of enrolment with IMS.
    • If the student does not re-take the actual SAT as per the recommendation of the IMS consultant.
    • If the student declines to join the University / School where he secures admit under this guarantee program.
    • If a student who received a conditional admission from a University /School, does not fulfill the required criteria of the said University / School
    • Delay in meeting the application deadlines of the Universities / Schools
    • Rejection by the University / School due to incomplete application /documentation
    • Rejection of student visa Refunds

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