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How to register for SAT®

You can register for the SAT® online through the College Board website. Registration for the test is simple. You do not need a passport during the registration. However, it is mandatory to carry a valid passport during the test.

Step 1: Create an Account for SAT® & Add personal Info

Click here to fill up the form and signup.

Step 2: Create Student Profile

Create a profile for yourself by answering questions on high school education(e.g. math topics,subjects studied, class rank), family, undergraduate plans, etc

Step 3: Select Test & Centre

Choose your test date from a list of available dates and proceed to select a test centre from a list of around 50 test centres in India (if you are an India student) across various cities mentioned in SAT® Test Centres.

Step 4: Upload Photo

Upload a clear photograph for verification purposes.

Step 5: Confirm Details and Make Payment

Confirm your registration by completing the payment (credit card / PayPal). Following is the test fees:

Important: The only acceptable form of identification for non-US citizens is a valid passport with your name, photo, and signature.


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