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Why MBA/MIM Application Master Plan?

In a global MBA/MiM application, your profile has a weight of 50-60%. Yet, many applicants focus too much, too long to preparing for their GMAT/GRE and consequently spend very little time on their application and profile building. They prepare for their GMAT/GRE test without knowing which course or universities to apply whereas the choice of university should dictate the target test score.

Our “MBA/MiM Application Master Plan" devised by IMS CIE’s expert Admissions Consultants, ensures that you get a headstart. This process will help you identify gaps in your profile so that you can work on the same alongside your GMAT prep. All this at just a fraction of the cost of our Admissions Consulting Full Package.


  • Application Strategy: Strategic planning of the whole application process is a must for every serious candidate. The strategy covers all the steps of the application process – the GMAT, references, essays, etc., and comes with a time management plan with interim deadlines to allow you to go smoothly through this stressful process.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: A successful application will always have the applicant harp about their strengths and achievements as well as convert weaknesses into strengths in a skilful manner. Master Plan process will suggest how you can overcome your weaknesses by utilizing profile building suggestions or gap elimination initiatives provided by your IMS CIE consultant
    • Most times, adding additional career skills can help improve your strengths and enhance your profile by getting involved in extracurricular activities and online learning.
  • Choosing the right B-School & the program: When you are selecting the right B-School, it is easy to get persuaded by the rankings. However, we suggest that instead of simply relying on the rankings, do your own research and find out if the B-School is the right fit for you.
    • Networking with past and current students from the B-School you are interested in applying can really help you gain insights about the program and acts as a valuable tool to mention in your essays.
  • Choosing the right recommenders: Recommendation letters are a big part of your application and should not be ignored. A right recommender can make your application stand out whereas a wrong recommender can break your application. Hence we suggest that you choose wisely!

How do Universities make admit decisions?

The application evaluation process is very holistic with only about 20-25% weightage is given to GMAT score. This means more than 75-80% weightage is given to the rest of the elements of application such as diverse work experience, your career trajectory, brand of the company, your achievements, references, academic grades, community work and your fitment to school’s class profile profile. All of these have to be translated well into a strong application. This implies that a candidate with a decent GMAT score having outstanding profile can definitely secure an admit into Top Business school.

OUR MBA/MIM Application Master Planner Features:

The process of MBA/MiM Master Planner begins from the moment a student enrols with a program. A dedicated Admissions Consultant can assist you with following components:

  • Personalized Attention : Dedicated Admission Consultant to assist you with engrossing application journey
  • 2 Sessions with Admission experts
  • Student Immersion & Student Action Plan
  • Evaluation of strengths & weaknesses along with tips to overcome weaknesses.
  • Long list of 10 B-Schools
  • Sample Notes on Application Document
  • Personalized Attention


Host of test prep and consulting programs to suit your needs:

Please visit for more information on how to plan your GMAT prep

Please visit for more information on how to plan your GMAT prep

Complimentary Premium Webinars with Ivy League Alumni & Admission Committees

  • How to get into Harvard, Stanford, Wharton.
  • Practical Strategies to crack 750+ on GMAT.
  • Guide to Admissions Success in MBA/MiM – MBA/MiM Consulting Expert.
  • York University Schulich School of Business Webinar – Admission Committee.
  • How Akshat scored 760 on GMAT & secures Yale admit – Yale Silver Scholar Achiever.
  • And hundreds more…

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  • Aryan Kenchin
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MBA
    100% Scholarship
    GMAT Comprehensive Student

    One of our students, Aryan Kenchin was able to secure 100% scholarship for Stanford MBA program with his thorough profile evaluation and rigorous application preparation.

  • Manasa Chalasani
    GMAT: 760
    Admit: Stanford MBA
    GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Abhijit Salvi
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MSx
    MBA Admissions Consulting Student

  • Aman Khanna
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MSx
    GMAT Comprehensive Student


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