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Why Apply in Round 1?

Many students often remain confused about whether to apply early to their target MBA/MiM programs or wait till the very end. However, probability of admission depend not only which MBA/MiM Application Round you apply in but also on the overall quality of your application. The rule of thumb that should be followed is “Plan in advance and apply as early as possible to ensure of securing a Top Admit.”

Smart applicants apply in Early Action or Round 1

Schools Early Action Round 1 Round 2
TOP 30 schools 36% 27% 22%

As you can see from the above table, probability of getting admitted to top programs significantly increases if you apply early.

Applying early in R1 makes perfect sense because of following reasons as well:

  • Scholarships – Financial aid options are plenty and generous for the Early action or round 1. Higher chances of getting merit based scholarships.
  • Longer time to plan your move
    • Quality Application: More time to create robust application documentsthat will help you to maximise your chances of admit.
    • Networking - Ample time to network with past students and school representatives to assess right fit and interest.
    • Pre-MBA prep – Prepare yourself to get ready to face the rigor of top MBA programs.
    • Add Career Skills – More time to enhance your profile by involving yourself in extracurricular activities and online learning.

How to be READY to apply in Early Action or R1?

Register and attend IMS CIE's specially crafted complimentary Round 1 webinars by Consulting Experts!

Our recommendations for Applying in R1 – Next Steps

How do Universities make admit decisions?

The application evaluation process is very holistic with only about 20-25% weightage is given to GMAT score. This means more than 75-80% weightage is given to the rest of the elements of application such as diverse work experience, your career trajectory, brand of the company, your achievements, references, academic grades, community work and your fitment to school’s class profile profile. All of these have to be translated well into a strong application. This implies that a candidate with a decent GMAT score having outstanding profile can definitely secure an admit into Top Business school.

GMAT Live Program Features :

  • Unlimited Personalized Attention - From 99%ile Quant & Verbal experts.
  • Unlimited Online Doubt Solving - With real instructors.
  • Unlimited Flexibility - Choose from 5 batches in a week & attend multiple batches.
  • Flexi Time - Choose daily batches from 8:00am to 9:00pm.
  • Instant Batch Activation - Multiple starting points throughout the week.
  • 24x7 Learning Ecosystem - Access to lecture recordings & webinar videos.

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Our MBA/MiM Admissions Consulting Features :

The process of Admission Consulting begins from the moment a student enrols with a program. A dedicated Admissions Consultant can assist you with following components:

  • Personalized Attention : Dedicated Admission Consultant to assist you with 5 B-School applications.
  • School Shortlisting : Selecting a set of the programs most suited to your profile and aspirations.
  • Essay and CV review : Providing content, language and grammar edits for your CV, application essays, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and scholarship essays.
  • Recommendation review : Assistance with picking out the right recommenders and providing you with draft outlines and pointers for persuasive letters of recommendation.
  • Interview preparation : Conducting simulated business school interviews and scholarship interviews (in person or telephonic) and providing you with school /scholarship specific interview research.
  • Finance and Visa preparation : Assistance on all aspects of securing financial aid, educational loans and visa preparation (including visa interviews).

Round 1 Upcoming Webinars

IMS CIE: Round 1 Application Series of Webinars
1. 8th July 6pm-7pm IST Advantages of applying early to MBA/MIM programs Register
2. 14th July 6pm-7pm IST Round 1 Application dos and Donts (Essays/Lor and Resume tips) Register
3. 18th July 6pm-7pm IST How to crack MBA admit to HBS and other Ivey schools Register

Complimentary Premium Webinars with Ivy League Alumni & Admission Committees

  • How to get into Harvard, Stanford, Wharton.
  • Practical Strategies to crack 750+ on GMAT.
  • Guide to Admissions Success in MBA/MiM – MBA/MiM Consulting Expert.
  • York University Schulich School of Business Webinar – Admission Committee.
  • How Akshat scored 760 on GMAT & secures Yale admit – Yale Silver Scholar Achiever.
  • And hundreds more...

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  • Aryan Kenchin
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MBA
    100% Scholarship
    GMAT Comprehensive Student

    One of our students, Aryan Kenchin was able to secure 100% scholarship for Stanford MBA program with his thorough profile evaluation and rigorous application preparation.

  • Manasa Chalasani
    GMAT: 760
    Admit: Stanford MBA
    GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Abhijit Salvi
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MSx
    MBA Admissions Consulting Student

  • Aman Khanna
    GMAT: 740
    Admit: Stanford MSx
    GMAT Comprehensive Student


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