As you prepare for your bank exams, I’d like to share a story from ‘The Mahabharata’, one which almost all of you will know.


Dronacharya’s student Arjuna aiming at the eye of the parrot

One day, while testing the focus of his students, Guru Dronacharya fixed a toy parrot with a large eye on the branch of a tree. He then asked each student by turn to raise their bow, lock an arrow and take aim to hit the eye of the parrot. Before the student could release the arrow, Dronacharya asked each student what he saw. He got a myriad of replies, ranging from “I can see the tree”, “leaves”, “branch”, “bird”, “trunk”, “sky” and so on.

Upon hearing such replies, Dronacharya would immediately pull the student out of line and disqualify him. Finally, it was Arjun’s turn. Striding towards Dronacharya like a lion, Arjun bent low, touched the feet of his Guru, and took aim. Guru Dronacharya asked him, “Arjun, what do you see?” Arjun simply replied,”I see only the eye of the parrot”. “Then shoot, dear Arjun!” exclaimed Dronacharya. The arrow blazed like lightning through the afternoon air and pierced the eye of the parrot, devastating it completely.

Dronacharya’s chest swelled with pride. After all, Arjun was his most focussed and dedicated student.

Each and every one of you is an Arjun, striving to pierce the eye of the parrot. All you need are the three D’s – Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. Don’t be perturbed by how you have performed in the SBI PO or IBPS PO 2016 exams — whether good or bad, let bygones be bygones. Focus on what is coming up.

And that is the next selection exam, your eye of the parrot. And there are innumerable opportunities in store for you — IBPS SO, LIC AAO, IDBI Executive Officer, SSC, RRB Stage 2, Indian Bank PO 2017 and so on. Concentrate like a laser beam. Let nothing come in the way of your seat reserved at your preferred bank. Think of yourself as the last batsman walking out for India in the World Cup Final with 8 runs to win in the last over. The entire country’s hopes are on your shoulders. And you have to deliver, whatever it takes.

So pull up your socks and get going. Equip yourself with the weapon of 3 Ds and start the winning streak of your life.

Wish you the very best of luck!
Dwijendra Srivastava,
Chief Mentor,



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