Oh! Vocabulary! It’s true that vocabulary is the concept that gets the most attention by language learners.

One question that always hits one and all supremely hard is, “There are so many authors and writers around, whom should I follow? What on this planet should I read to boost my lingual flair?”

The most important part is not to fall into a grind, but to find a method one is comfortable with.

Relax! Let me share some tips that will make your life much easier for Vocabulary Prep!

  1. Give it a start by getting a hang of WORD ROOTS. (Esp. Latin and Greek root words – prefixes & suffixes). Latin and Greek elements are significant parts of the English language and hence form a great tool for deciphering the meaning of new words.
  2. Make a dedicated journal for Vocabulary. It’s a fantabulous idea to keep a running list of new words you discover. Make sure to add close synonyms, antonyms, and phrases (if any] related to the new word.
  3. Read newspapers and literary novels. As you read through these and uncover new words, try guessing the meaning of the words contextually (within a sentence, by its usage). Once you have taken a guess, refer to a thesaurus or the dictionary for the exact meaning.
  4. Engage yourself in constructive English language conversations. Jot down new words that you come across during the banter.

Remember, practice will definitely make you perfect!


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