On December 30, 2016, India witnessed the inauguration of India’s first laser technology-based check post in Gujarat. The inauguration was led by Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani. The advanced Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System (AVMS) interstate RTO check post is situated in Shamlaji of Aravalli district, near the Gujarat-Rajasthan border.

What’s the tech like?

The avant-garde laser tech automatic system can identify vehicles that are overloaded through the weight sensors and also fines them accordingly. The total approximate cost of the entire project is estimated to be a whopping ₹4.72 crore. The primary objective of this state-of-the art laser technology was to make the complete procedure transparent and eradicate the middleman to avert fraud, after a few surprise RTO checks revealed widespread RTO scams.


Why do we need this tech?

The reason behind the installation of this highly advanced technology is to curb fraud. Moreover, it also advances the Digital India story.

RTO check posts have become a channel for black money — to the tune of more than ₹800 crore — a practice that had to be stopped at the earliest. All 16 check posts across Gujarat have been proposed to be updated and automated using this new technology, at a cost of roughly ₹35 crore next year. The Gujarat government has promised that the the income received from the check posts will be used for the general well-being of poor and underprivileged.


A few more developments…

Various other developmental works for the tribal community are ongoing, all totalling around ₹30 crore. the CM has assured people that the universal availability of electricity, all-weather roads, irrigation facilities, qualitative and sustainable employment and sanitation facilities are key objectives. He also emphasised on the ongoing ban on liquor and hookah bars, so as to keep the youth away from a detrimental lifestyle.

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