essay writing - corruptionToday, let’s talk a little about the most expected essay topic that we may encounter in our descriptive writing section this year. Your essay should be written in not more than 350 words. One of these topics is “Corruption in India”.

Let’s take a look at how you can go about writing this essay. Below, you’ll find some points you should keep in mind.

Define the topic
Sample: Corruption has been defined variously. But the simple meaning of it is that it implies perversion of morality, integrity, character or duty out of mercenary motives, i.e. bribery, without any regard to honour, right and justice. It can be simply defined as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”.

Does corruption only exist in India? Give reasons.
Sample: Why would anyone put something extra around their neck and then invest it with special significance? More than 50% of people in India have first-hand experience of paying bribes to public officials in order to get their work done.
(Note: Find a credible source or report that you can attribute figures or findings to.)

Is it really affecting common man in India? Give statistics to justify your call.
Sample: According to XXXXX survey, the Corruption Perceptions Index showed that India scored XXXXXXX, where zero means highly corrupt and 100 is “very clean”. X % of Indian people are trying hard to make ends meet even if they have a lakh a month salary.
As before, find a source you can quote for such statistics.

Is corruption the price we pay for democracy?
Sample: Corruption is caused as well as increased because of the change in the value system and ethical qualities of men who administer.

What are the causes?
Sample: Corruption has a corrosive impact on our economy. Here are a few pointers that help us illustrate this:

  1. Complex laws and procedures alienate common people to ask for any help.
  2. Is it possible to eradicate corruption in India?
    1. If Yes, what can be the possible remedies?
    2. If no, why can’t it be stopped?

Conclude your essay: Remember to provide a conclusion to the essay. This conclusion must include your opinion and answer to the question asked in the topic.
Sample: India is a developing country. Corruption is an intractable problem. It may not be possible to root out this peril completely at all levels, but it is possible to contain it within tolerable limits. Honest and dedicated persons in public life, control over electoral expenses could be the most important prescriptions to combat the problem. Firm and strong steps are needed to curb the menace and an atmosphere has to created where the good, patriotic, intellectuals come forward to serve the country with pride, virtue, and honesty for the welfare of the people of India.

Hope that helped all our readers! Stay tuned for more such blogs, coming soon!


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