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The IIM A PGPX is a one year- full time -residential - programme for executives with substantial work experience. With a cohort size of 85, the PGPX has above 800 alumni in top management across various sectors around the world.

The IIM A PGPX evaluates candidates on the basis of :

  • GMAT® score
  • Educational qualifications with due consideration for professional degrees, masters and doctoral degrees
  • Total work experience including international work experience
  • Functional areas of work experience
  • Gender
Event Round 1 Round 2
Application Fee INR 3500 INR 5000
Application Deadline September 12, 2016  November 15, 2016
GMAT® Validity Dates GMAT® scores are valid for five years from the test date to the application deadline date of the round in the candidate is applying. The earliest acceptable GMAT® test date for the two rounds are
September 11, 2011 November 14, 2011
Shortlisting for Interviews October 10, 2016 December 12, 2016
Interviews November 2016 January 2017
Result Announcement End of November, 2016 End of January, 2017
Acceptance Deadline Mid December, 2016 Mid Feburary, 2017
Programme Dates April 13, 2017 to March 15, 2018 (Convocation: Last Saturday of March 2018)
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any discipline. (Minimum 15 years of study as per the education system in India i.e. KG to 10 +2 + 3 or 4 as the case may be.) 
  •  Minimum Age of 27 years as on 31st March of the year in which the PGPX programme commences. (E.g. For PGPX 17-18 commencing in April 2017, the candidate should have completed 27 years of age by March 31, 2017, i.e. must be born on or before March 31, 1990.) There is no upper age limit.
  •  Valid GMAT® score (GMAT® scores are valid for five years from the test date to the application deadline date of the round in the candidate is applying. The earliest acceptable GMAT® test date for the two rounds are: Round 1- 11 September 2011   and Round 2 -14 November 2011)

The Programme Fee for PGPX 2016-17 is INR 27,00,000 (INR Twenty Seven Lacs).* The PGPX fee is usually a packaged/bundled fee which includes, for every student, tuition, books and course materials, library, computing and network charges, placement, alumni, international immersion, and boarding and lodging charges for the period of stay on the campus. However no fee/part of fee is refunded if any student chooses not to consume/utilize any facility. The food includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, for those students staying in Married Students Housing (MSH) food charges are not included in the Programme Fee. Utilities such as electricity, telephone, laundry, sports/gym subscription are additional and to be paid as per usage charges. Service tax, as applicable, is additional.

*Fees for the 2017-18 batch have not been released as yet. 

Number of students: 90

Parameter Average
GMAT® 710
Total work experience as on September 14, 2015 8 Years  5 months
International work experience as on September 14, 2015  2 Years  2 months
Age as on March 31, 2016 32 Years  4 months
  • International exposure
    • 13 students (14.44%) reside outside India,  the geographical spread is across four countries.
    • 59  students (65.56%) have international exposure in terms of work and studies.
  • Academic background
    • 12 (13.33%) have obtained their degree(s) from outside their home country.
    • 29 (32.22%) have a higher qualification (Professional, Masters) than bachelors.
    • 78 (86.67%) are engineers.
    • 20 (22.22%) have graduated from IIT/NITs.
  • The industry mix includes Defense, Education, Energy/Power, Financial Services, Government Engineering, Healthcare, Infrastructure, IT and IT Services, Management Consultancy, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Process, Retail, Shipping, Telecom and Others.
  • 20 students (22.22%)  are women
Industry Break-up   Functional Break-up  
Architecture & Design 2 Consulting 13
Defense 4 Engineering and Maintenance 9
Energy/Power/Oil and Gas/Solar 12 ERP Professionals 2
Financial Services (incl. Banking, Insurance) 5 Finance and Accounting 4
Healthcare Services and Mgmt. 5 General Management 9
Infrastructure (Roads/Highways/Planning) 4 IT Based Operations 5
IT & IT Services/Software/Info Mgmt. 25 IT Based Project Management 10
Management Consultancy 7 IT Based Research & Development 4
Manufacturing (Engineering/Process) 17 Non-IT Based Operations 7
NGO/Social Service/Religious 1 Non-IT Based Project Management 4
Telecom & Networking 4 Non-IT Based Research & Development 8
Travel and Hospitality 2 Practicing Healthcare Professional 1
Legal Services / KPO 1 Procurement 1
Pharmaceutical 1 Sales and Marketing 4
    Software Delivery/Development/Maintenance 2
    Systems Designing 2
    Others  5
Total 90 Total 90

The application process for the IIM A PGPX Program consists of two parts:

  • Online Registration
  • Online Application

Rs. 3500/- (Indian Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred only) for those who apply on or before 06:00 pm 12 September 2016.

Rs. 5000/- (Indian Rupees Five Thousand only) for those apply between 06:01 pm 12 September 2016 and 06:00 pm 15 November 2016.

Application Form:

The application form is a very important component of the IIM A PGPX application. This is because the IIM A PGPX application is a staged application. Stage 1 of the application requires submission of test scores and an application form. Candidates shortlisted for an interview following Stage 1 are required to submit application essays and letters of recommendation. Candidates are shortlisted for the interview based on a computerized rating system that  rates applications based on various parameters such as :

  1. GMAT® score
  2. Age
  3. Quality of work experience
  4. Quality of  international work experience
  5. Analytical ability based on educational qualifications
  6. Present industry and future career paths
  7. Gender

IMS will review your application form to ensure that messaging is consistent and presentation on target.

Application Essays:

Candidates shortlisted for the interview stage for the IIM A PGPX are required to submit application essays. It is through your application essays that the IIM A PGPX admissions committee understands your story, your thought process and your ambitions. Your application essays showcase the following aspects of your candidacy:

  1. Your career goals
  2. Your accomplishments
  3. Your leadership potential
  4. Your ability to collaborate with people
  5. Your strengths and weaknesses.

You are evaluated on the basis of the impact you have – showcased via your essays. Your essays are a way for you to talk to the admissions committee and make a compelling case for your candidature.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR’s):

It is via your recommendation letters that the IIM A PGPX admissions committee gets an evaluation of your candidacy from a third party perspective. Your recommenders assess you on the following aspects:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your accomplishments
  3. Your leadership ability
  4. Your  teamwork ability
  5. Your analytical aptitude
  6. Your fit with IIM A PGPX

Your recommendations have to be in synchronization with what you showcase in your application essays.

Test Scores:

The IIM A PGPX accepts the GMAT®. Your performance on the GMAT® exam  gives the admissions committee an understanding of your ability to cope with an academically rigorous curriculum.   No “cut off” criteria are applied to the GMAT® scores.

The GMAT® Code for IIM A PGPX is CQQ-RR-60

IIM A PGPX Salaries

  • Highest International Salary: Rs. 1.38 crore
  • Highest domestic Salary:  Rs 54.55 Lakh the highest domestic salary
  • Average Domestic Salary:   Rs 28.76 lakh  

Recruitment Companies

Accenture Gati-KintetsuExpress PrivateLimited PwC
Afcon GEP Quantium Solutions
Airtel GoldmanSachs Reliance
Alstom Google RolandBerger
Amazon HeroMotocorp RPG/CEAT
Atos HindustanCocaCola SearsHoldingIndia
BCG IBM ShapoorjiPallonji
BhartiRetail iDiscovery Snapdeal
BMGIConsulting Infosys TakeSolutions
Capgemini JPMorgan Target
CGIGroup JayaswalNecoIndsLtd TataCapital
Citrus KoltePatil Tata Consultancy Services
Clickable L&TGroup TataMotors
Cognizant MarvelRealtors TechMahindra
Cytel MasterCard Thermax
Deloitte McKinsey VBHC
DeutscheBank Meditab Virtusa
Dr.Reddys Microsoft vMukti
Ericsson Mindtree Vodafone
eShakti MphasisSoftware& Services(I)Pvt.Ltd. Wipro (FinancialServices)
EY NSSLLimited YesBank
Flipkart OracleFinancial Services Zensar
Fortis Philips ZSAssociates

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