Hotel Management

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Standalone program

This program caters to those who wish to prepare for Hotel Management entrance exams only. The program content is oriented towards NCHM JEE preparation. Program features are as follows –

Salient Features

  • Concept coverage classes before Class XII pre-boards, periodic assessment tests followed by Parent-Teacher Meeting.
  • Repeat coaching option, past papers coverage, practice workshops & mock tests after board exams

Exhaustive study material

  • Basic Reference Material for section wise syllabus coverage
  • Pearson Concise Manual for Static GK preparation. Current Affairs coverage through smart Fact Bytes
  • Additional booklet & classes to cover hospitality specific GK & service level aptitude sections of NCHM JEE

Learning & testing resources available on myIMS (Students’ Portal):

CA Fact Bytes – A Fortnightly snapshot of current affairs, written in a student friendly format. It covers a variety of topics like International News, Awards & Honors, Government & politics, sports etc.

GQuest–An online repository of static GK component covering subjects like ancient history, world geography, etc. 

KnowledGym (GK Quizzes) – 20 online National level quizzes launched on fortnightly basis to ensure adequate attention to GK/CA prep. These quizzes are designed as per relative importance of various topics covered in NCHM JEE

Alerts & Notifications: This feature provides timely alerts about institute/exam application details, form filling & admission process guidance.

Interactive Forum (Shout Box) – enables student to discuss and resolve queries.

Application Guidelines – Provides step by step form filling guidelines to students in application process.

Mobile App: IMS UG 

Practice Tests

  • Full length mock tests on the lines of NCHM JEE

Add-on program

This program caters to those who aspire to keep a Hotel Management option in addition to BBA programs Over and above BBA program coverage, add-on program coverage includes

  1. Additional booklet to cover hospitality GK & service level aptitude
  2. Extra handouts to cover these sections in class
  3. Full length practice mock tests for NCHM JEE

Hotel Management Correspondence

Sr. No. Product Fees Enrol
1 NCHM JEE 2019 Mock Test Series 7500 Enrol Now

Mock Test Series

Sr. No. Name of the Test Pack No. of Tests Mode Starting Fee Including GST (Rs.) Enrol
1 NCHM JEE 2019 Mock Test Series 5 Online 20th Dec 2018 1475 Enrol Now


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