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IPM BBA Self Learning Program 2024

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IPM BBA Self Learning Program 2024

Rs. 9950/-

Base Fees:₹8432 | GST: 18% (₹1518)

Prepare with IMS Comprehensive Courseware, Benchmarking Tests and SimTests boosted with Video Solutions and 30+ Masterclasses

Meant for students who plan to prepare without attending classes and have completed or appearing for class 12th in 2024.

Exams Covered: IPMAT Rohtak, JIPMAT, NPAT, SET, Christ University, and 10+ other entrance exams (except IPMAT Indore)

P.S. IPMAT Indore is covered in ‘IPM Indore’ Program by IMS

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  • 100+ hours of video-based self learning program is meant for students who are self disciplined and do not need a continuous faculty interaction for entrance test prep. This program offers a flexibility of preparation as per student’s convenience of place, time & location

    The IMS Advantage

    2 One-on-one Mentorship Sessions:

    An IMS Mentor is assigned as your Personal coach to guide you throughout your preparation journey. Regular one-to-many mentoring sessions are conducted to address the common queries around Entrance Tests and institutes, Preparation Journey & study plan, Test-taking & application-related queries.

    2 One-on-one Mentoring sessions can be booked with experienced IMS Mentors.

    Program Methodology

    The program includes Syllabus coverage of 115 chapters including 30+ IPM Indore advanced chapters covered in 5 Modules

    For each of the topics covered in the modules, a student will have to go through the following steps:
    – Pre-Class: Watch pre-class prep videos (approx 15-25 Mins per class)
    – In-Class: Make Class Notes (using theory from ebooks) and solve Class Exercises (approx 2 hrs)
    – Post Class: Solve Practice Exercise with Video Solutions (Appx 2 hours per chapter)
    – Benchmarking Tests [with Video Solutions] (25 Mins/test)
    – Module Test (with Video Solutions) after each Module is completed in class (60 Mins/Test)

    This approach ensures regular checkpoints in preparation and effective test preparedness alongwith the classroom learnings

    Pre-Class Videos

    150+ pre-class videos (appx 80 hours) to get you started with the concepts to be covered in class. This allows you to grasp the concepts better and improved participation during class.

    Updated Comprehensive Courseware

    The courseware includes important Theory, Class Exercise and Practice Exercises. Many spaces in the theory are kept blank for students to take notes in class. Reference notes are provided in ebooks. Practice Exercise video solutions are provided as video solutions.

    Post Class: Practice Exercises (With Video Solutions)

    Each topic has 20+ questions in the practice exercise to help students apply the concepts learned in class.
    All Practice Exercises come with Video Solutions (a total 2000+ Questions) to ensure that the students are able to solve their doubts instantly.
    Video solutions help students learn the best shortcuts, tricks, and advanced applications in an easy-to-understand language.

    Benchmarking Tests (with Video Solutions)

    Benchmarking tests allow students to check their knowledge and application of the concepts in a limited-time online test setting.
    Video Solutions are provided within all Benchmarking Tests for 2000+ Questions. This allows instant doubt-solving and learning the best tricks and methods for the questions immediately after solving the test.

    Module Tests (With Video Solutions)

    Module Tests are conducted after each Module is completed in class.

    The syllabus is divided in 5 Modules:
    1. Fundamentals of QA-VA Module
    2. Numbers, Algebra and Vocabulary Module
    3. Arithmetic & Grammar Module
    4. Geometry and RC Module
    5. Modern Maths and Verbal Reasoning Module

    Module Tests are checkpoints that allow students test their learning within each Module with subjects tested together.

    Totally, there are 5 Module Tests and all of them come with video solutions for more than 300 questions covered in the tests. This ensures that students can verify their answers and methods and at the same time learn the best shortcuts and tricks after completing the tests.

    Full Syllabus SimTests [Mock Tests]

    Full syllabus Tests serve as checkpoints in the preparation journey where the students can check and track their progress in absolute as well as relative terms with the help of All India Ranks in Proctored Tests.

    SimIPM-BBA – 5 (with video Solutions)
    SimIPMAT Rohtak – 10 (with video solutions)
    SimJIPMAT – 5 SimTests
    JIPMAT Actual Past paper – 2 (with video solutions)
    SimNPAT – 10 (with video solutions)
    NPAT Actual Past paper – 1 (with Video Solutions)
    SimSET – 7, SimChrist – 5, SimXET (BMS) – 3 ; SimXET (BMM) – 3; SimJHC-CEE – 3,
    SimIPU-CET – BBA/BCA/Mass. Comm./B.Com – 5/3/3/3″
    CUET 15,
    28 Other SimTests for 7 other tests

    Practice Classes

    Upto 36 Practice Class exercises shall be provided which students can use for self-practice/revision


    30+ Masterclasses shall be conducted after board exams to cover advanced tricks and methods that can be used for solving actual exam and replica questions. Last Mile Strategy Workshops and Live Mock Solving Sessions will also be covered.

    myIMS Channel for Strategy & Information Videos

    Prepare for your entrance exams with IMS Channel – Get Informational & Strategy videos to assist you in form-filing and develop a strategy for each exam. Attend Online Classes & watch informational videos all on one platform!


    Our mobile app offers you everything you need to prepare on the go — watch learning videos, solve practice questions, read the latest blog posts, and check your latest scores and percentiles. Not being near your laptop can never be an excuse to not prepare!

    Dedicated Batch Group

    Telegram group for Peer Interaction and doubt-solving. You can post your academic queries and your IMS Mentors/peer group will address the same. Having a study group is one of the best ways to stay on track with your IPMAT Indore and other Test Prep!

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