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Liberal Studies Test Series 2024


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Liberal Studies 2024: Ideal for students planning to apply for Ashoka University, Krea University, or FLAME University and need to practice Simtests for the same.

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Batch Start Date: 9-5-2023
Batch Type: Weekend

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The IMS Advantage

2 Full-length Simtests Each

  • 2 Full-length Ashoka Mocks
  • 2 Full-length O.P. Jindal Mocks
  • 2 Full-length FLAME Mocks
  • 2 Full-length Krea Mocks

Ample practice opportunities to simulate the exam environment. These practice tests simulate exam conditions, helping candidates familiarize themselves with the format, identify strengths and weaknesses, and refine time management skills. Candidates build confidence, adaptability, and a strategic approach to excel in the Entrance test by actively engaging with Simtests.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics for the Ashoka Aptitude Test, Kres Aptitude Test, FLAME Entrance Admission (F.E.A.T) test and JSAT test are vital for candidates, providing real-time insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This feature allows test-takers to focus on specific areas needing improvement, optimizing study time and enhancing overall performance.

Detailed Text Solution

Detailed Text Solutions for all the Simtests. This allows instant doubt-solving and learning the best tricks and methods for the questions immediately after solving the test.

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