NMAT-SNAP-CMAT Comprehensive 2023

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NMAT-SNAP-CMAT Comprehensive 2023

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A 160+ hours comprehensive classroom program for not only CMAT but other tests such as NMAT by GMAC, SNAP, MICAT, CMAT, TISS, IBSAT & MAT.

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  • The 160+ hour comprehensive classroom program will help students ace various entrance exams like CMAT, NMAT by GMAC, SNAP, MICAT & TISS. Students will also be well prepared to handle the questions in other exams like IBSAT & MAT. This program is recommended for students who wish to secure admissions into prestigious institutes like NMIMS, SIBM, JBIMS, MICA etc.

    The IMS Advantage

    Learn Module

    80+ hours of Concept & Application videos covering all sections of CMAT.

    3300+ Concept level questions arranged topic-wise.

    50 Full-length Mocks & 40 Area-wise Mocks

    15 SimCMATs (5 Proctored & 10 Take-Home) with detailed performance evaluation reports. The 5 Proctored SimCMATs will also provide you the All India Level Ranking so you can gauge your performance in comparison to other test takers.

    40 area-wise tests for CMAT

    35 full length mocks for tests other than CMAT such as NMAT by GMAC, SNAP, CET, MICAT & TISS.

    CMAT Workshops

    10 workshops exclusively focused on CMAT topics

    ADMAT Workshops

    12 exam-specific workshops for tests like NMAT, SNAP, MICAT etc.

    myPlan - One-on-one Mentorship

    One size does not fit all! So all of our students book FOUR one-to-one 30-minute academic & career mentorship sessions called myPLANS at various points in their prep cycle for a customised prep plan, profile-building strategy, test-taking strategy, score improvement strategy, B-School strategy and personalised application strategy.

    Comprehensive Courseware

    Our courseware follows a modular pattern which is followed in the Classroom programs. It covers all concepts, solved examples & practice exercises with detailed solutions.

    GDPI Support

    Access to online resources for GDPI (35+ videos, & 5 e-Books)

    GK Zone - One stop solution to all your GK needs

    Get access to weekly current affairs bulletin & quiz, Exam wise GK & Static GK.

    IMS Channels - 360° Prep

    Get Informational & Strategy videos to assist you in form-filing and develop a strategy for each exam. Attend Online sessions & watch informational videos all on one platform!

    myIMS App - Learn Anywhere, Anytime

    Our mobile app offers you everything you need to prepare on the go — watch learning videos, attend live sessions, book myPLAN slots, solve practice questions, read the latest blog posts, check your latest scores and percentiles. Not being near your laptop can never be an excuse to not prepare!

  • Session Summary
    • Concept & Application Sessions
    • Advanced Math
    • CMAT Workshops
    • Exam-specific Workshops (ADMAT Workshops
    myIMS Online Prep Platform Area
    • LEARNING Videos
      80+ hours
    • Area-wise Tests
    • FULL-Length CMAT Mocks
      15 SimCMATs
    • Full-Length ADMAT Mocks (Tests other than CMAT)
      35 ADMATs

Experience IMS Programs at Zero Fees

What it includes
  • 5+ hrs Concept Videos
  • 300+ questions Question Bank
  • 3+ hrs Lectures
  • 3 Sectional Tests
  • 8+ hrs Career Guidance Sessions
  • 3 Full-Length Mocks

Hundreds of students guided on a daily basis.