Professional Certificates

Proschool Programs


CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides a strong foundation of real world investment analysis & portfolio management skills. It is considered the “gold standard”in the investment industry.Even top B School grads are enrolling for the program.

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CIMA qualification is a global Management Accounting program recognized in 176 countries. The program focuses on how to use accounting data for management decisions & includes business management concepts. A qualification favored by global accounting firms.

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Business Analytic

From shopping to payments to logistics to inventory; everything is now driven by data & analytics. No wonder that business analytics is the fastest growing career. With joint certification with NSE, the program offers a great way to kick start your career in analytics.

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PGD in Investment Banking

It is nine month program that prepares you for CFA Level 1,provides Financial Modeling skills and prepares you for investment careers such as Credit & Financial Analysis, Investment Banking & Portfolio Management.

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PGP Management Accounting

The program aims to build a strong foundation in management accounting and is a gateway to CIMA qualification. PGPMA qualified students write one exams instead of regular eight exams for CIMA.

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PGD Data Science

It is a comprehensive program that covers basic statistical techniques for data analysis; exposure to data analysis tools and provides overall understanding of concepts in managing big data across multiple platforms.

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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is a valuation technique which will help you to kick start a career in the fields of Investment Banking, Equity Research, Project Finance, Corporate Finance and Credit Rating among others. After the completion of program you will get certificate from NSE India.

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Financial Planners understand Insurance, Investment and Taxation requirements of individuals. Banking industry prefers to hire these multi skilled individuals. International CFP certification is awarded by FPSB India.

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Digital Marketing

Industry growth ~ 6%; digital marketing growth ~40%. That’s where the action is and that’s where the jobs are. Learn SEO,Website, Social Media, Emails, Google Adwords campaigns with an instructor led program & a simulation platform.

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Social Media