• Jugaad Singh – 99.99%ile, AIR 2 - CMAT 2016
    I want to thank IMS for their help and assistance which let me to achieve 2nd rank in CMAT 2016. IMS’s study material is highly relevant for actual exams. All the concepts were thoroughly revised, and GK session held at regular intervals during the course were highly helpful. All mentors are very friendly and helpful when it comes to clearing doubts and extra sessions, and extra doubt clearing classes really helped a lot. The motivation workshop gave me an edge in achieving the 2nd rank overall. In fact, after the mock exams, the actual exam was almost easy! Finally, I’d like to say that I spent a lot of my study time at IMS’s computer lab and got to clear my doubts side by side with my studies, which was a very important factor in my success.


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