• Raman Bhatia – IIM C, IIM L, IIM S, FMS, MDI
    A lot of credit for my CAT score goes to the brilliant mock test series that IMS offers. It really prepares you for all kinds of test scenarios by varying the difficulty level of each mock, thus replicating the unpredictability of the real exam. And the detailed analysis that IMS offers also helped me a lot in improving my weak areas and test-taking skills. The video solutions, especially in case of the dreaded LR-DI section (and even in other sections) were immensely helpful, as they showed me how the faculty were approaching difficult sets; this helped me develop a framework to tackle all kinds of problems. I definitely couldn't have accomplished the daunting task of acing CAT with a 99.87 percentile without these mocks. Thank you, IMS!


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