• Ankur Chokhani – CAT 2018 - 99.80%ile
    Joining IMS was one of the best decisions to facilitate my dream of getting a high percentile in CAT. The teachers were really helpful and always willing to help me out in my weaker areas. The online material available was best-in-class. More importantly, the actual CAT exam was very very similar to what most of our mocks (SimCATs) were, both in terms of content as well as the interface. Hence I felt very well equipped to handle any kind of situation during CAT. After every SIMCAT, I used to discuss my performance with our mentor Nimish Sir who gave me important tips and strategies to further improve my performance. Whenever I felt like giving up on CAT, he kept me motivated and helped me bring my focus back. All in all, I want to thank everyone at IMS for helping me in this journey. This wouldn't have been possible otherwise!


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