• Niranjana Prasad Moleyar – CAT 2018 - 100%iler
    I am very grateful to IMS for helping me with my interview preparation. The interview coaching offered by IMS was wonderful. They did not just focus on preparing answers to the questions that might be asked in the interview. My mentor really made me think/introspect about the reason for applying for an MBA and get a much better idea of my career goals. This has not just helped me in my interview but has also given me a much better perspective about myself. Through the National Achievers workshop, I was able to interact with people who had provided me with a good snapshot of current affairs and the economy. This allowed me to focus on learning more about the field of interest while being up-to-date with other fields at the same time. My time at IMS has really helped me not just prepare for the interviews, but also get a better idea of myself and for that, I am grateful to IMS. Once again, I wish to thank IMS for all their help and support.


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