• Rounak Majumdar – CAT 2018 - 100%iler
    I had taken up the IMS SIMCAT test series during the CAT 2018 cycle, having heard rave reviews about its quality and its competitiveness, both with regards to the level of test takers and the level of difficulty of the tests. The SIMCATs proved to be exactly the same. In fact, in my opinion, the SIMCATs managed to replicate CAT scenarios in the best way possible, ensuring that nothing that came up in CAT would ever feel like a surprise. The test analysis interface was extremely smooth, and the website was also pretty adept at handling high traffic-scenarios, thus ensuring minimal downtimes. The Experts’ Note which was released along with each SIMCAT mock result was also very useful, and provided us with some fascinating insights into test taking strategies. To top it all off, the IMS Pre-CAT even ensured that we were comfortable with the exact interface of the actual CAT test, right down to the watermark which bamboozled and irritated a lot of people during the actual CAT, but not the Pre-CAT takers. However, all of this was nothing compared to the way I was welcomed into the IMS Thane fold. As a test series taker, you do not expect constant interactions with centre faculties or administration officials. But from day 1, I was made to feel like part of a family. I had constant interactions with Shaminder Sir, Parameshwar Sir, and many of the amazing professors at IMS Thane. I was welcomed, (almost cajoled!), to feel free to visit the centre and clear my doubts, whether related to CAT or life in general. Shaminder Sir at IMS Thane is an incredible mentor, and he has this incredible quality of instantly connecting with people and making them comfortable. I was fortunate that I was based out of Thane and got an opportunity to make his acquaintance. Apart from that, the IMS Club 100 Whatsapp Group enabled me to connect with some brilliant and unique folks over love for vocabulary, shared interests, and common aspirations. But, the real highlight of my incredible IMS experience has to be the opportunity to meet and learn from the legendary Scrabbler. Having heard people utter his name in hushed reverence in CAT circles, just the opportunity to meet him for the first time was enormous. We know that he is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable beyond imagination. But the man behind the moniker is also incredibly helpful, and extremely humble. It was my good fortune that I got to interact with him, not just about CAT, but about any topic under the sun (and sometimes beyond). A lot of our interests matched as well, and I can confidently say that not only has he helped improve my CAT performance, but he also helped me improve as a person, and there cannot be any bigger takeaway than that. I thank IMS, and IMS Thane, from the bottom of my heart, and I hope to continue our association in the future too.


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