• Ankita Khandelwal – NMIMS 2014 Convert, CET 2014 - 99%ile, Score 131
    IMS is the best coaching class amongst all the others in the market in terms of faculty as well as the test series. The personal attention given to me even as a cat intensive workshop student and not a full time student is exemplary and responsible for my reasonable success. I have gone ahead and recommended IMS to all my friends/ juniors and my only regret is that I did not join it earlier as a full time student. Tips for future test aspirants on their test prep - This is especially applicable to average students like me. Different strategies work for different exams like CAT is an accuracy and application game while NMAT/SNAP is a speed test. CET is a different ball game altogether with emphasis on basics and speed. Find out your strength and focus on that particular exam which caters to those strengths instead of trying everything and spreading yourself too thin.


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