• Aditya Thakare – CET 2014 - 99.5%ile, Score 136
    "Thank You IMS for important guidance from staff and time to time feedbacks. And most important was online simulated tests which made me feel very comfortable at the test center. I am very satisfied on my decision to join IMS." Tips for future aspirants: Frankly speaking,dedicated six months of preparation is more than enough for CMAT and CET. For CMAT you need to chose the right questions and solve them with maximum accuracy taking sufficient time. But in CET the case is little bit different. One need to be very quick in calculations and you need to know as many shortcuts as possible. Initially identify your strong and weak areas from the benchmark test for CET. Then work hard on both of them so that you'll not lose any mark in your stronghold and you should get maximum possible marks from the weaker section also. And don't forget to set all these permutations and combinations of 200 questions within stipulated 150 min. Try to get maximum benefit from SimCETs and keep evaluating your progress. Best Luck to all.


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