• Megha Patel – CET 2014 - 99.5%ile, Score 136
    "IMS provides best exam software which is almost the same as the one used for CET exam. This makes us as students get better used to it and help in faster navigation from one question to the other. IMS provides detailed post test analysis which tells us exactly where we stand in terms of our exam preparation and which are our weak and strong areas. I would recommend CET aspirants to alteast take a few mocks of IMS as they will surely help in their preparation." Tips for future aspirants: Identify on your strong and weak areas and accordingly work towards them. Try to solve as many questions as you can in less time. Keep working on your speed till the end. You can never be sure of how the paper will be and how many you will manage to solve correctly. Try and give as many mocks as possible and keep practising.


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