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CAT 2015 and CAT 2014 Results

According to CAT 2015 results, a score between 254.61 – 249.9 was equivalent to 100 percentile, a score of 242.33 was equivalent to 99.99 percentile, a score of 235.33 was equivalent to 99.98 percentile, a score between 215.54-215.43 was equivalent to 99.89 percentile, a score of 180.02 was equivalent to 99 percentile.(Please note there were 3 sections in CAT 2015).

For your reference and a better understanding of the test, we have also mentioned CAT 2014 results.

According to CAT 2014 results, a score between 268.700-261.740 was equivalent to 100 percentile, a score of 245.92 was equivalent to 99.97 percentile, a score of 227.65 was equivalent to 99.87 percentile, and a score of 178.02 was equivalent to 98.07 percentile. (Please note there were 2 sections in CAT 2014).

What after CAT 2015 Results?

Most of you might wonder what do I do next once the results are declared?

The B School Admit battle does not end with you performing well in the various tests. The second stage of selection, i.e., the GD/Essay and PI round, is equally important. Every Institute has a different & specific Process for the second stage of selection. If you are an IMS Student and shortlisted for the second round, you will be helped with the same.

All the B-schools accepting CAT have a unique Stage 2 selection process. The selection process of each IIMs is different and is mentioned here in detail along with Final admission Weightages.

Do get in touch with at your respective centre to know more about the process and to get help on preparation for IIMs as well as for further GDPI Preparation and Institute specific GDPI preparation (based on the calls you receive from the specific Institutes – the Top 30 B Schools as recommended by IMS, click here to view the list).

If you are not an IMS Student you can learn more about the GDPI and the National Achievers’ Workshop which is a two day event conducted by IMS on a regional level for all Top 30 B School Call getters (as recommended by IMS). Know More

For everything about All India Admission tests Results and link to verify Admission Status of top 30 B-schools as listed by IMS, please click here


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