What after CAT

The most frequently asked question after CAT is

I have attempted '22' questions and expect '17' of them to be right. What percentile can I expect? Do I stand a chance of getting an IIM call? Which other colleges should I apply to?"

The answers to these questions have always been probabilistic. Simply put: It depends on the difficulty level of the paper. However, you will need to take a decision on which B-schools you should apply to, based on your 'perceived' CAT performance. To ensure a smooth application process, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Calculate your score. Score each correct question with +3 and a wrong with -1. In case of TITA (type in the answer) Questions, +3 if correct and 0 if wrong.

Step 2:

Knowing your score is not enough. Knowing your Percentile is equally important as it will give you a fair idea of your chance of getting a GD-PI call from various B-schools. Click here to know more about GD-PI Prep.

IMS shall be providing you with an estimate of your Scores based on your inputs that we receive on the Score Calculator Form. It shall also provide a Predictive Percentile within two days on the basis of feedback that is received from our students & the inputs received in the score calculator form .This will give you a rough idea of the scores & percentile you can expect.

  • Percentiles alone are not enough to get a call. The student will also have to clear sectional cut-offs, if any.
  • There are other parameters like academics and work experience which are also considered for GD-PI calls.
  • Mentioned below are the short listing criteria for various B Schools and their respective cut offs. You can refer the same to get an indication of which B School calls you can expect.
  • The students should ideally apply to institutes they are keen to join, unless they feel they are far away from the 'Indicative Percentile’
  • The Cut-offs provided are Indicative based on 2016-18 Admission policy for Stage 1 process of short listing as mentioned on respective IIM / Other B-school websites. Wherever CAT 2015 cut-offs were not available, CAT 2014 cut-offs have been considered.
  • This is an indicative listing to aid students in their decision making process. However, please note that IMS is not responsible for decisions taken by students on the basis of this information.

Short-listing criteria of IIMs

The expected number of CAT takers would be around 2 lakhs and over 8000 students are expected to receive GD-PI calls for the 3700 odd IIM seats. This translates to roughly 4-5% of the total aspirants.

Click here to view the Indicative Cut-Off Percentiles for a call to the GD-Essay-PI stage (2015)

Click Here to view the Cut Offs of other Top B Schools (Top 20 as per IMS) accepting CAT 

The probable cut-offs given below are estimated based on the selection criteria of various institutes for last year’s selection procedure (as mentioned in their mandatory disclosure documents) and the estimated percentiles for CAT 2015. 

For institutes where mandatory disclosure document was unavailable, we have used past year students’ data to estimate the cut-offs. Note that quite a few institutes shortlist on the basis of overall cut-off and do not have sectional cut-offs. The institutes may choose to change their selection criteria at their own discretion. 

* Some B-schools may not be particular about a minimum CAT score and look at the overall profile of the candidate before issuing a GD/PI call
Click here to view the cut offs of Other Institutes

Mentioned above were the Cut Offs only for the GD-PI Stage based on 2016-18 Admission policy for Stage 1 process of short listing as mentioned on respective IIMs / Other B-schools websites.

Mentioned below are the cut offs for Final Admit for 2016-18 batch of IIMs.

Indicative cut-off percentiles for final call (2015-Final Admit)   
B-school Sectional Percentile Overall Percentile
IIM A Each Section: 94 Gen: 99.67,
IIM B Each Section: 90 90
IIM C Each Section: 90 95
IIM L Each Section: 85 99
IIM Kozhikode Each Section: 80 98
IIM Indore Each Section: 85 98
IIM Shillong Each Section: 85 98
IIM Kashipur Gen: QADI: 80.58, VALR: 80.07,
QADI: 70.05, VALR: 70.04,
QADI: 45.30, VALR:45.46,
QADI: 41.59, VALR: 41.45,
QADI: 53.23, VALR: 50.42
Gen: 96.60,
IIM Rohtak
IIM Raipur
IIM Trichy
IIM Udaipur


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