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The Best time to start CLAT 2021 Prep is NOW

22 September, 2021

Are you serious about pursuing a career in law and planning to pursue a 5-year integrated programme from reputed law schools of the country? If your answer is yes, then, the best time to start your preparation is NOW! Many of you have completed Class X boards and joined the conventional streams in Class XI, mostly arts or commerce. So, we believe that this is the right time for you to begin CLAT 2021 prep, instead of next year. Let’s find out why.

CLAT 2021: The gateway to NLUs

CLAT is the flagship entrance exam for most National Law Universities. It is an aptitude test with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). For many of you, it may be the first interaction with competitive exams of this nature. Hence, it will take some time to build familiarity with this concept. All this while, you have been used to concepts like ‘step-wise’ marking and ‘detailed answers running into paragraphs’. Doing well in aptitude tests needs a mindset change. This requires some time.

About the CLAT

CLAT consists of five sections, i.e. Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge, Verbal Ability, Reasoning (Math & English based) & Quantitative Ability. Sections like legal aptitude and GK will be relatively new for most of you. One may not have come across them during school curriculum. Due to novelty factor, you need to prepare for them for longer duration. Mastering an area like verbal reasoning also demands an early start.

Preparing for CLAT 2021

Once Class XII commences, you will need to proportionately balance time between boards and test prep. Therefore, one should do hard work in Class XI and keep smart work for Class XII.

    • Typically, any aptitude test preparation should be built in three modules – Learn, Practice & Test. ‘Learn’ Module consists of take-home material (books) and class sheets to be done in classroom mode. One should complete learn module before taking a break for Class XI annual exams. If possible, one should do revision classes, if needed after Class XI exams.
    • Once concepts are clear, one should learn how to ‘Practice’ them to solve exam questions. Concept clarity is more important than attempt time in practice module. Topic wise practice tests will help you here. Enough time should be spent to build familiarity about different Q types built around various concepts during initial months of Xlass XII.
    • Around August-September months of Class XII, one should move to ‘Test’ module & take mock tests in a simulated environment, e.g. similar test set up, exam mode  and marking scheme. Analyzing each test to identify potential score improvement areas is a must
    • Post this, one should solve previous CLAT/AILET papers, which is the closest you can get to real exam

To summarise,

  • An early start gives you flexibility of syllabus completion in Class XI.
  • Scope to attend revision classes before Class XII begins.
  • Early familiarity with test papers and exam questions of previous years.
  • More practice and early identification of potential score improvement areas.
  • You will feel more relaxed when you start Class XII, since two major phases of preparation will be over.
  • Your like-minded friends may have already started law test prep. You would get a good peer group for preparation, if you join them soon. It will add a flavour of healthy competition to your prep.

So what are you waiting for? The right time to start CLAT 2021 preparation is NOW!