MICAT I 2017 Admit card.

MICAT I Admit card is expected to be released on 11th December 2017. Stay tuned for regular updates!

The MICAT II Admit card will be made availableon MICA website from 9th February 2018.

Important Test Instructions (As per 2017)

  • Click any one of the answer option buttons to select your answer.

  • To change an answer, simply click the desired option button.

  • Click on the 'Clear Response' button to deselect a chosen answer.

  • Click on the 'Save & Next' button to save the answer before moving to the next question. The next question will be displayed automatically.

  • Click on the 'Save & Review' button to save your answer and review it at a later stage. If you do not return to this question at a later stage, this answer will be considered for evaluation.

  • There will be no review facility for the Psychometric Section.

  • Click on 'Mark for Review & Next' button without selecting an answer to review a question at a later stage. This will cause the next question to be displayed on the screen.

  • Make sure you click on the 'Save & Next' button every time you want to save an answer.

  • If you desire to move to any other question, you can click on the question number pallete on the right side of the screen.

  • All answered questions which have been saved will be considered for calculating the candidate's final score.

  • DO NOT click on the 'Submit Exam' button unless you have completed the exam. You will receive two warnings in total.

  • If you close the exam window by mistake, you will be able to resume the exam. However, the number of minutes between when you close the window and log in again will be deducted from your total allotted time. Candidates will not be given any additional time.

If you wish to get in touch with any IMS representative you can either write to us at ims@imsindia.com or call us on 1800-1234-467.


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