IMS GATE Academy Programs

I tried to solve as many exam oriented problems and tried to thoroughly understand the concepts which were tested by those questions.

Adarsh Dm

GATE-2022-EC AIR-45

A special thanks to Prof. Nimish for his exceptional teaching and mentorship in Quants. Grateful and excited for the journey ahead!

Aditya Tripathi | 2023 Final Admits NMIMS MUMBAI

IMS GATE Academy Programs

IMS GATE Academy YouTube videos of PYQ’s solutions are indeed one of the best available resources out there.

Akash Mondal

GATE-2022-CS AIR-52

Course content of IMS GATE ACADEMY, study material, and test series helped me in securing such a good rank.

Alok Shakti

GATE-2018-CE AIR-4
IMS GATE Academy Programs

Challenges faced during preparation are Two failures in GATE 2020 and 2021 brought huge family and social pressure and which demotivates me very much.

Amit Kumar

GATE-2022-EE AIR-60

I joined the IMS Classroom program for CAT and I am really grateful for all the help provided.

Anish L.

CAT 2023 - 99.70 Percentile

This course is for both students and working professionals who can opt to study anytime which makes it easy to crack the exam.

Anshul Goel

GATE-2019-ME AIR-2

I would like to express my gratitude to IMS for helping me succeed in CAT 2023.

Anushka Mishra

CAT 2023 - 99.62 Percentile

Full length test closely resembles the actual GATE examination and allows you to evaluate your performance level before the GATE exam by giving real GATE experience

Ashutosh Rai

GATE-2020-ME AIR-3

IMS mocks helped me get accustomed to difficult papers. Since my actual test was also on the difficult side, the strategy I developed for solving IMS mocks, in terms of the number of attempts and question selection, was useful in tackling the paper.

Atharva Ranadive

CMAT 2023 - 100 Percentile - AIR 1

Test series of IMS GATE Academy help me to realise my mistakes and the questions in the tests were as per exam standards

Ayush Singh

GATE-2022-CE AIR-22
IMS GATE Academy Programs

IMS GATE Academy has a good faculties, they have a high energy level in the classes. I have attempted many test series.

Bharath S

GATE-2023-EC AIR-595