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How to analyse your IPM mock test?

11 April, 2023 By Artika Shah, IMS

The IPMAT mock test is a crucial step toward clearing the IPMAT Entrance exam. Practicing the IPMAT mocks will help the aspirants solve questions under time pressure and improve accuracy. Taking IPM mock tests helps you prepare and aids you in improving and focusing more in the right direction.

What does the IPM mock test look like?

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore, and Rohtak for admission into its five-year program. IIMs have increased competition since introducing integrated five-year management programs. To get admission at IIMs, the institutes conduct national-level entrance tests including, IPMAT (IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore) and JIPMAT (IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya). Limited seats and many students preparing for IPMAT lead to high competition. Along with practice, evaluating IPMAT mock tests is important for advanced preparation. IPM mock tests can help students prepare well for the final exam day to crack the actual IPMAT entrance exam. They are practice papers that follow the latest exam patterns and syllabuses.

Advantages of IPMAT Mock Tests

  1.  Mock exams help candidates prepare for the final IPM exam. Practicing mock tests is the most effective way to improve conceptual understanding. Better preparation and improvement of weak areas will result from it.
  2.  Self-analysis is the primary advantage of IPMAT mock tests. By solving mocks, candidates will be able to analyze their mistakes. Moreover, you will be able to experiment with different approaches.
  3.  IPMAT mock exams are the same as IPMAT entrance exams. As a result, it helps you understand exam difficulty, time management, and key topics.
  4.  There is a time limit for each section of the IPMAT exam. At times, it may be difficult to maintain accuracy, and one may find himself or herself caught up in a question. Therefore, when solving mocks, one should learn how to prioritize questions.
  5. In the preparation stage, one should focus on attempting maximum mocks. This will help in building problem-solving skills and aid in helping you attempt each question easily on exam day.
  6.   It is an excellent study tool that provides all the essential information and preparation tips for the IPMAT exam

How to analyze your IPM mock test?

If you have attempted a mock and seen your score, whether good or bad, there is room for improvement. Therefore, IPMAT mocks are crucial. Mocks require analyzing,  understanding, and inferring certain things.

1. Strengths and weaknesses:
 If one is consistently scoring well in the verbal section and better in the quant, one should focus more on quant while also keeping an eye on verbal. 

2.  Find topics in a section that score higher:
Identify your high-scoring topics within a section. This could include arithmetic in quantitative examinations or reading comprehension in verbal examinations. This will help you understand IPMAT and shape your preparation.

3.  Continued Learning:
Practice solving problems by taking mock exams, whether timed or not. Once you determine the right approach, you can focus on planning.

4.  Make a strong point plan:
Identify your strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan to improve them. Before moving on to weak ones, it is best to focus on the strong ones and make them your strengths. Assess your performance thoroughly by taking your mock exams at the right time.

5.  Timely review:
Divide the mock preparation into two parts, one set being timed and the other not. The first time you answer a question; do not keep track of time. Instead, focus on finding solutions and taking your time to comprehend the concepts. The next step is to complete the timed tests that will be used to evaluate the mocks and performance.         

By taking the mock test, you will develop your problem-solving skills. With these practice tests, you will be able to become familiar with the IPM exam and develop a test-taking strategy and understand how the scoring system works. You can contact IMS for more information about the IPMAT exam.