CAT Result 2023 (Live) – Find Latest Updates on CAT 2023 Result

21 December, 2023
parthiva mewawala

Update – CAT 2023 result has been declared. Students can check their results here – CAT result 2023.


Students have been waiting for CAT result 2023 with palpable anticipation. After all, CAT 2023 scores will influence their academic careers and help them decide which college they can get into. If past years’ trends are to be followed, then IIM Lucknow will soon declare CAT Result 2023 on its official website. In fact, this morning, the CAT 2023 result link was made live on their website, and quite a few students could check their scores. But that link was taken down within a few minutes. Although, based on the fact that last year’s CAT results were out on December 21 2022, we can expect the scorecard to be released today.

Students can check their results by simply logging in on the official website – using their credentials, clicking on the scorecard link, and downloading it. 

CAT 2023 results will influence the careers of all MBA aspirants. Your GDPI calls and admissions depend on these results. It is critical that you log in to check your results once the CAT scorecard download link has been activated on the website once again. You can also continue to follow this space for any more information IIM Lucknow releases. You can also watch this live session by our mentor and CAT 100%iler Shashank Prabhu where he discusses the normalisation process and score scaling across the three slots based on the few scorecards students could view.

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How to download CAT 2023 Results? 

There is a high probability that IIM Lucknow will release the CAT 2023 results for over 2.88 lah test takers today. Here’s how you can download the CAT scorecard 2023:

  1. Visit the official website of CAT 2023 ( 
  2. Log into the portal using your credentials.
  3. Click on the CAT 2023 scorecard download link that will be visible on the right side of the screen. 
  4. Download the CAT result PDF. 

Once you have downloaded it, don’t forget to share your results with us on this link to get a proper assessment of your possible calls and opportunities. 

To check your CAT score, click here.
To upload your Scorecard, click here

CAT result 2023 analysis


Although all the scores haven’t been released yet, a few students could access their scorecards from the CAT website. Based on the results shared with us until now, we’ve been able to analyse the normalisation process and the scaling of the scores. 


  1. For starters, it was clear that Slot 1 and Slot 2 were harder than Slot 3, a fact which has also been reflected in the normalisation.
  2. While Slot 1 and Slot 2 test takers gained marks compared to their raw scores, Slot 3 students have seen their marks decrease. 
  3. The scaling of the scores is primarily visible in the VARC and DILR sections, with the Quant section seeing just a slight increase or decrease.
  4. The normalisation process mirrors the difficulty levels of the different slots. Based on this data, we can safely assume that Slot 2 was the hardest, followed by Slot 1, and then Slot 3.


Continue to follow this space, where will we update our analysis as and when the results are officially declared.


What are the next steps after the CAT 2023 result is declared?


Your journey to a top MBA college doesn’t end just yet. Here’s what you need to focus on now that the results are about to be declared.


1. Last year, after the results were declared on December 21 2022, eligible students started getting their first calls from the top IIMs on January 6 2023. Following that pattern, you have two weeks to take a break and determine the colleges you want to apply to.


2. Students with more than 80-85 CAT percentiles should start preparing for the GDPI process. Usually, students begin receiving calls from good colleges when they breach the 80%ile barrier. 

To know what colleges you can expect a call from, read our blog on CAT cutoffs 2023, which details the scores, associated percentiles, and cutoffs for various colleges based on this year’s data.

If you need help preparing for the GDPI, then take a look at our comprehensive GDPI modules, available in the online as well as offline versions. These extensive programs are geared towards helping you gain the confidence required to crack the GDPIs and convert the calls you have. You can expect live sessions with our mentors, recorded videos to guide you through the basics, mock interviews with detailed feedback, eBooks, online resources, the GK zone, and profile-building sessions at a discounted rate.


3. With XAT coming up in a few days, students appearing for this exam need to start working hard to get to the level required. XAT is not an easy exam by any means and is even considered harder than CAT. You can find links to several XAT 2024 videos on our YouTube page. Those looking for a proper 15-day self-learning program should sign up for the XAT Self-Learning Program 2024, which comes with 5 full-length mocks, 3 extensive DM tests with 26 sets, and 6 online live workshops covering quant, critical reasoning, and decision-making.


CAT results 2023 are out now. It’s time to start planning your path ahead, focusing on XAT, and clearing the GDPI process. All the best!