MBA/MMS MAH-CET 2024 Day 1 Analysis

09 March, 2024
Aaliya Patel

MAH-CET 2024  Day 1

March 9, 2024  (9:00 am to 11:30 am and 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm)


The Day 1 of CET-2024 took place today (March 9, 2024). CET 2024 is being held on three days from March 9 to March 11.


This analysis is based on the feedback received from IMS students and experts who appeared for CET 2024 on the first day.


CET-2024 maintained a total of 200 questions. The question paper was divided into different sections. In terms of Level of Difficulty, the test was easier as compared to CET-2023.



Area  NameNo. of Questions


Difficulty LevelGood Attempts*


Logical Reasoning75Easy170-175
Abstract Reasoning25Easy-Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude50Easy
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension50Easy


  • Day 1 of CET-2024 was easy, similar to CET 2023.
  • As usual, CET 2024 consisted of 200 questions to be attempted in 150 minutes
  • Since there is NO Negative Marking in CET, candidates are expected to attempt all 200 questions.
  • IMS estimate of good attempts refers to the number of serious attempts and excludes random attempts.


Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension

The test consisted of 50 questions with 14 RC questions and 36 VA questions. Overall, the VARC  was easy.  There were 3 Reading Comprehension passages. Most of the questions in the RC passages were of Specific detail type with a couple of inference questions as well. There were 2 to 3 questions in the Fill in the blank format in one RC passage. The VA section was easy as well. Most of the VA questions could be answered quickly with high accuracy.

Following is the break-up of this section:

VARC TopicsNo. of questions
Reading Comprehension – 3 Passages

[Fuel Emissions Norms in India – 400 words, 4Qs;
Corruption in India – 200 words, 4Qs;
Australian Banks – 450 words, 6Qs]

Synonyms + Antonyms10
Replace the underlined phrase (Grammar)2
Spot the error (Grammar)3
Odd one out5
Critical Reasoning1
Jumbled Paragraph (1 set)3
Total 50



Quantitative Aptitude

There were about 50 questions.  The level of difficulty of the questions on Quantitative Aptitude was easy.

There were maximum questions on Arithmetic, Numbers, Modern Mathematics, Data Sufficiency and Geometry.

Following is the break-up of this section:

TopicsNo. of questions
Data Sufficiency4
Modern Maths5



Logical Reasoning

There were around 75 questions in the Logical Reasoning section. In Non-Verbal Reasoning, there were LR Caselets, Sequential Output, Coding Decoding, Directions, Family Tree, Number Series, Symbols, Cube based and Symbol Based Puzzles, QA Reasoning based puzzles, Venn Diagram based questions etc.

In Verbal Reasoning, there were  questions on Syllogisms, Assertion-Reasoning, Course of Action, Analogy. The questions were easy.

Following is the break-up of this section:

TopicsNo. of questions
Grouping & Conditionalities12
Sequential output2
Coding Decoding6
Family Tree3
Number Series5
Symbols, Cube based6
Verbal Reasoning13
Miscellaneous (Odd Man out, Venn Diagram, QA Reasoning)7
Data Sufficiency4

Overall difficulty of the questions on Logical Reasoning was easy to moderate.


Visual Reasoning

There were 25 questions on Visual Reasoning. There were questions on series completion, analogies and odd man out like in the recent years. The overall difficulty level was in the range of easy to medium.

Following is the break-up of this section:

TopicsNo. of questions
Series Completion11
Cube based1
Odd Man Out5