How to Crack CLAT in First Attempt

03 February, 2024
Artika Shan

CLAT, India’s premier law entrance exam, is taken by more than 60,000 students every year. While India is home to over 1800 law colleges, most students aspire to land a seat in the top 26 NLUs or National Law Universities, considered by many to be the epitome of legal education. But acing CLAT and securing one of these highly coveted seats isn’t an easy task, especially when the goal is to get a good rank in CLAT on the first attempt itself. In this blog, we’ve outlined the key pointers to help you crack CLAT in the first attempt. 

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CLAT Strategy- Tips to crack CLAT in the first attempt

1.  Understand the CLAT exam pattern: Getting a nuanced understanding of the CLAT exam pattern can prove to be an advantage for aspirants. The exam pattern won’t just reveal the types of questions usually asked but also the weightage ascribed to different topics. The differing weightage can then dictate your preparation strategy and help you chalk out a proper study schedule.

2.   Make a detailed CLAT preparation strategy
Once you are well-acquainted with the CLAT paper pattern, you’ll also have a good idea of which topics are more important than the others. Additionally, you can also give a diagnostic mock test to ascertain which topics you’re weak at. You should assign the most preparation time to the topics you’re weak at but have more weight. You can choose to skip specific topics based on your target score (you need 80+ to land an NLU seat). For instance, many students prefer not to put much effort into the math section. Instead, they work on their legal aptitude and verbal skills to fill the gap.

Similarly, you can chart your plan based on your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

3. Work on your reading
Most aspirants overlook the advantages of speed reading and a good vocabulary. The updated CLAT pattern focuses a lot on reading comprehension and long passages. Candidates who are ill-prepared to face such long passages will end up wasting a lot of time reading and deciphering them. On the other hand, students who practice their reading skills with books, newspapers, editorials, magazines, and periodicals will be able to read much faster, grasp much better, and perform better in the verbal section.

4.   Learn time management
As we mentioned above, the CLAT paper of today puts a lot of onus on long passages – not just for verbal but also for logical reasoning and legal aptitude. With just two hours to read, analyse, understand, and answer questions, time management becomes a critical skill. One of the best ways to improve time management is to give mock tests in exam-like conditions regularly. Mocks will show you which questions take up the most time and which must be skipped. 

  5.  Analyzing mock tests
There are two reasons why solving mocks is so essential. First, it helps you track your progress. It shows how you’ve improved over time and the topics where some more work might be needed. Second, it enables you to create and implement the perfect exam-day strategy – how much time to spend on the questions, which ones to skip, and which ones to spend extra time on. With just 120 minutes to solve the whole paper, each second matters. But none of this will happen if you don’t spend time analysing your mocks. When analysing your mock tests, don’t just see where you went wrong; check why you went wrong and where your reasoning was lacking.

 6.  Aspirants should register with a CLAT coaching institute
A lot of your CLAT success depends on the kind of study material you have and the guidance you receive. While many choose to study independently from reputed textbooks and online videos, most others find it hard to do so. The deluge of material online makes it hard to zero in on the perfect books and videos without wasting a lot of time on some ‘no-so-great’ material. Moreover, personalised guidance and quick doubt-clearing are impossible to get. This is where CLAT coaching comes in. IMS Get.Set.Law provides over 800 hours of live engagement, comprehensive courseware, 30+ proctored pen-paper mock tests, thousands of practice questions, and personalised one-on-one mentoring sessions with seasoned experts, guaranteeing better results. 

With the proper guidance, it is not that hard to crack CLAT in the first attempt and claim a seat in one of the 26 prestigious NLUs. Just follow the above tips and sign up for CLAT coaching by IMS Get.Set.Law, and you’ll be on the right path.