CUET Agriculture Syllabus 2024

18 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The subject of Agriculture, on offer in many schools across India, is an academic discipline of science that involves the study of scientific, technical, and business subjects related to horticulture, agriculture, poultry farming, farm management, agricultural biotechnology, and dairy farming. 

CUET Syllabus for Agriculture, issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA), can be found on the official website – Applicants interested in taking the CUET 2024 Agricultural entrance exam should be familiar with the topics included in the exam’s curriculum to be in a position to ace it. 


To gain a better understanding of what to expect on the CUET Agriculture examination in 2024, read the entire syllabus that we have presented below.


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CUET Agriculture Syllabus 2024


Unit 1


  • Importance of vegetables and fruits in crop diversification, human diet, and the food processing industry. 
  • Pruning, Planting method, training, intercropping, frost and sunburn protection. 
  • Ornamental landscaping, design, orchard location, and vegetable garden. 
  • Cultivation, marketing, and processing of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 
  • Trees, shrubs, climbers, annuals, perennials-definition, and examples. Seed cutting, layering, budding, and grafting propagation. 
  • Packaging and preparation of jams, jellies, ketchup and chips. 
  • Methods and principles for preserving fruits and vegetables. 
Unit 2 

Animal Production 

  • Relevance and Significance 
  1. The significance of livestock in agriculture and industry and the White Revolution in India 
  2. Poultry distribution in India and essential foreign and Indian breeds like buffalo, cow, etc. 
  • Care and Administration: 
  1. Housing systems for livestock and poultry. 
  2. Techniques and principles for feeding. 

The definition of the ration and the elements are in sync. 

(d) The management of lactating and pregnant animals, chicks, crocks, layers, calves, and bullocks. 

(e) Signs of ill animals and common diseases in poultry and cattle, such as rinderpest, black quarter, foot-and-mouth disease, mastitis, and hemorrhagic septicemia. The prevention and treatment of coccidiosis, fowl pox, and Ranikhet sickness. 

  • Artificial Insemination: Prevention of sperm, reproductive organs, collection, dilution, and artificial insemination in cattle improvement. Milk and milk products are processed and marketed as livestock goods. 
Unit 3 

Plant Production 

  • Soil, Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Manure: 
  1. Soil and its pH, structure, texture, organisms, soil fertility, soil tilth, and soil health. 
  2. Plant nutrients, their functions, and symptoms of lack. 
  3. India’s soil types and their characteristics. 
  4. Organic manure, conventional fertilisers including simple, complex, and biofertilisers, and an integrated nutrient management system. 
Unit 4 

Agriculture and Meteorology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biochemistry and Microbiology 

  • Agrometeorology: Elements of Weather (Rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed), sunshine weather predictions and climate change in crop production. 
  • Microbiology: Elements of Weather (Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, wind speed), Sunshine weather predictions, and climate change in crop production. 
  • Biochemistry: pH and buffers Classification and naming of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and enzyme molecules. 


CUET Agriculture Exam Pattern 


Particulars Details 
Exam Mode Online 
Exam Frequency Once a year 
Section Section 2 
Question type MCQ
No of Questions 50
No of Attempts 40 
Marking Scheme +5 for each correct answer and -1 for each incorrect answer No marks will be deducted for Unattempted questions
Total Marks 200 
Duration for Agriculture paper 45 minutes 




The CUET Agriculture syllabus for 2024 is the best way to start your CUET 2024 prep. Understand the topics you have to cover and create a study plan accordingly. 


FAQs for CUET 2024 Agriculture Syllabus 


1.  How many questions should be solved for the agriculture subject? 

One should answer at least 80% of the questions. Meanwhile, if there are 50 questions, then a minimum of 40 questions should be answered. 


2. How many marks are there in the Syllabus for CUET Agriculture? 

According to the CUET Agriculture exam pattern, the agriculture paper will be of 200 marks for 45 minutes. The question paper will have 50 questions, out of which 40 should be attempted. 


3. Is Agriculture under CUET? 

The students who aim to pursue a BSc in Agriculture can select an Agriculture paper. The students should check the eligibility criteria before filling up the CUET Application Form 2024. 


4. How many units are there in the CUET 2024 Agriculture Syllabus? 

The CUET Agriculture syllabus comprises four units, namely agrometeorology, biochemistry and microbiology, genetics and plant breeding, crop production, livestock production, and horticulture. 


5. How many hours should one dedicate to this attempt to completely prepare for the CUET?

If one is prepared for an overwhelming number of domain topics, one should devote between five and eight hours to CUET 2024 preparation.