CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus 2024

18 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The entrepreneurship course provides Indian students the foundation to start their businesses, which require management, financial support, and business operations.  Besides acquiring skills and training for refining business acumen, it would also provide them with tools and methods for business innovation and expansion. The entrepreneurship syllabus for CUET is divided into six units and is based on the Class 12th board exam syllabus.


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CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus 2024


The student should devote maximum time and effort to learning about each subject to gain a thorough and accurate understanding of them. The CUET 2024 Entrepreneurship Syllabus is available on the official website


CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus 2024 provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business planning, market research, and important aspects of managing a startup, including finance, marketing, and operations. 

The following table shows the complete CUET 2024 Entrepreneurship Syllabus: 


No Unit Sub-Unit 

Entrepreneurial Opportunity 

  • Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Environment Scanning
  • Problem Identification
  • Idea fields
  • Spotting Trends
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Selecting the Right Opportunity

Entrepreneurial Planning 

  • Forms of Business Organization – Sole Proprietorship
  • Business plan, concept, format
  • Components: Organizational Plan, Operational Plan, Production Plan, Financial Plan and Marketing Plan
  • Human Resource Planning  

Enterprise Marketing 

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy 
  • Branding, Logo, Tagline Promotion Strategy 

Enterprise Growth Strategies 

  • Franchising: Concept, types, advantages, limitations 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Concepts, reasons, and types 

Business Arithmetic 

  • Computation of Working Capital 
  • Inventory Capital and EOQ 
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE) 

Resource Mobilization 

  • Capital Market- Primary 
  • Angel Investor: Features 
  • Venture Capital: Features, Funding 


 CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus Exam Pattern 


Particulars Details 
Status of CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus Released 
CUET Exam Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA) 
Medium of Exam 13 languages – English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali,

Odia, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam

Number of questions 40 out of 50 questions to be attempted 
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions 
Marking scheme +5 for each correct answer

-1 for each incorrect answer

CUET Entrepreneurship Mapping for Courses BBA


The candidates planning to appear for the CUET entrance exam for Entrepreneurship should have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the syllabus. The students need to develop a plan to prepare for CUET. If they can begin to prepare early for CUET 2024, it will be beneficial to them. This will help them stay ahead of their peers. It takes a lot of dedication, focus, and the right resources and guidance to succeed in an admission examination like the CUET.


FAQs related to the Entrepreneurship Syllabus for CUET 


1. What is the entrepreneurship syllabus for CUET? 

The CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus includes business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindset. 


2. What are the recommended study materials for the CUET Entrepreneurship exam 2024? 

CUET 2024 study material can be found in business journals, textbooks, and previous year’s question papers.


3. Can I apply to multiple universities using the same entrepreneurship exam score in the CUET test 2024? 

Yes, many universities accept the CUET score for admissions to their entrepreneurship programmes. 


4. Can international students take the CUET 2024 exam for entrepreneurship programmes? 

CUET 2024 is open to both domestic and international students in most cases. The details about admissions may differ for each CUET-participating university. 


5. What is the best way to prepare for the Entrepreneurship syllabus for CUET? 

Preparation for CUET 2024 involves taking mock tests, studying the syllabus, following industry trends, and working with other candidates.


6. Name some of the best books to cover the CUET Entrepreneurship Syllabus? 

The best books to cover the whole of entrepreneurship are: 

  1. Entrepreneurship Class 12 Book  (For 2023 exam)- Poonam Gandhi 

2. CBSE All in One Entrepreneurship Class 12 for 2022 Exam (Updated edition for Term 1 and 2)- Ritu Batra
3. CBSE All in One Entrepreneurship Class 12 (2022-23) Edition – Ritu Batra.