CUET Maths Syllabus 2024 – Find Full Maths Syllabus for CUET Here

18 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

Mathematics is a vast and complex field that deals with numbers, quantities, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics) or as applied concepts in other areas, such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics). The National Testing Agency has released the CUET Maths Syllabus 2024, an essential resource for candidates preparing for the CUET exams. The students should understand the topics thoroughly to do well in the CUET Mathematics exams. 


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CUET Maths syllabus


The Mathematics Syllabus for CUET covers key topics like calculus, algebra, relations and functions, vectors and three-dimensional geometry, probability, numerical applications, numbers, quantification, index numbers and time-based data, financial mathematics, and linear programming. The entire syllabus can be checked on the official website –

Some key points to remember: 

  1. Sections A and B (B1 & B2) constitute the two sections of one question paper.
  2. Each applicant is expected to complete all 15 questions in Section A’s Mathematics and Applied Mathematics section. Both types of mathematics will be covered in this section.
  3. Mathematics will be covered in Section B1 with 35 questions, of which only 25 must be attempted by candidates. Similarly, Section B2 will have 35 questions from Applied Mathematics, of which 25 must be answered.

CUET Maths Syllabus 2024: Section A


Below is the overview of the Mathematics Syllabus for CUET Section- A:

Topic Title of the Unit Topics 
Topic 1Algebra 
  • Matrices and types of matrices 
  • Equality of matrices 
  • Algebra of Matrices 
  • Inverse of Matrix 
  • Determinants 
Topic 2Calculus 
  • Higher order derivatives 
  • Tangents and Normals 
  • Increasing and Decreasing Functions 
  • Maxima and Minima 
Topic 3 Integration and its Applications 
  • Indefinite integrals of simple functions 
  • Evaluation of indefinite integrals 
  • Definite Integrals 
  • Application of Integration 
Topic 4 Differential Equation 
  • Order and degree of differential equations 
  • Formulating and solving differential equations
Topic 5 Probability Distributions 
  • Random variables and its probability Distribution
  • Expected value of a random variable 
  • Variance and Standard Deviation 
  • Binomial Distribution 
Topic 6 Linear Programming 
  • Optimal Feasible Solution
  • Mathematical formulation of Linear Programming problem 
  • Graphical method of solution for problems in two variables 
  • Feasible and infeasible regions 

CUET Maths Syllabus 2024 – Section B1

Below is the overview of CUET Maths Syllabus 2024 Section B1:

Unit Title of the Unit Topics 
Unit-1 Relations and Functions 
  • Relations and Functions 
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit-2 Algebra 
  • Matrices 
  • Determinants 
Unit-3 Calculus 
  • Continuity and Differentiability 
  • Applications of Derivatives 
  • Differential Equations 
Unit-4  Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry 
  • Vectors 
  • Three- dimensional Geometry 
Unit- 5 Linear Programming 
  • Introduction and related terminology
  • Graphical method
  • Feasible and infeasible solutions
  • Optimal feasible solutions
Unit- 6 Probability 
  • Multiplication theorem
  • Conditional probability
  • Total probability
  • Baye’s theorem
  • Bernoulli trials
  • Binomial distribution


CUET Maths Syllabus 2024 – Section B2


Below is the overview of the CUET 2024 Maths Syllabus: Section B 


Unit Title of the Unit Topics 
Unit -1 Numbers, Quantification, and Numerical Application  
  • Modulo Arithmetic 
  • Congruence Modulo 
  • Numerical Problems 
  • Boots and Streams 
Unit -2 Algebra 
  • Matrices and types of matrices 
  • Equality of Matrices 
Unit- 3 Calculus 
  • Higher Order Derivatives 
  • Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue using Derivatives 
  • Maxima and Minima 
Unit- 4 Probability Distributions 
  • Probability Distribution 
  • Mathematical Expectation 
  • Variance 
Unit- 5 Index Numbers and Time-based Data 
  • Index Numbers 
  • Construction of Index Numbers 
  • Test of Adequacy  
Unit- 6 Index Numbers and Time-based Data 
  • Population and Sample 
  • Parameters and Statistics and Statistical Interferences 
Unit -7 Index Numbers and Time-based Data 
  • Time Series 
  • Components and Time Series 
  • Time Series analysis for univariate data 
Unit-8 Financial Mathematics 
  • Perpetuity, Sinking Funds 
  • Valuation of Bonds 
  • Calculation of EMI, etc
Unit-9 Linear Programming 
  • Introduction and related terminology 
  • Mathematical formulation 
  • Different types of Linear Programming problems, etc. 



CUET Maths Syllabus 2024- Exam Pattern Highlights 


Below are the examination highlights of the mathematics domain, along with the section-wise pattern: 


Particulars Details of the Exam Pattern 
Examination CUET 
Full Name Common Universities Entrance Test 
Medium of Instruction 13 Available languages of CUET 2024 (Assamese, Telugu, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu, Malayalam, Odia, Bengali and Marathi.) 
Total Questions Asked in Mathematics Exam 85 questions 
Total Questions to be Answered in Mathematics Exam 65 questions 
Total marks in Mathematics exam 325
Question type Objective Type (MCQs) 
Mathematics Exam Duration 45 minutes 
Mode of the ExamComputer-based Test 
Frequency of the exam Once a year 
Negative marking Yes
Marking Scheme Correct answer: +5

Incorrect answer: -1 

Unanswered questions: 0 




Aspirants who select Mathematics as their domain subject in the Common University Entrance Test have to browse through the CUET Maths Syllabus 2024. The syllabus will help you understand which topics to cover and which to skip. Moreover, the unique pattern of the paper allows you to skip certain questions. By assessing the weightage assigned to each question, one can ascertain which topics are essential and which ones can be omitted to maximise marks. For more help understanding the syllabus and its nuances, you can fill out the form here to talk to our mentors over a free counselling session.


FAQs related to Mathematics Syllabus for CUET 


1. How can I prepare effectively for the CUET Maths syllabus 2024? 


Focus on understanding and strengthening fundamental mathematical concepts in preparation for the CUET Maths Syllabus 2024. Also, practice solving various problems from different topics and consider using textbooks, study materials, and online resources. 


2. What is the syllabus for the CUET Maths exam? 


Calculus, algebra, statistics, geometry, and many other topics are covered in the mathematics syllabus for CUET 2024, along with a test of students’ mathematical aptitude and problem-solving abilities.


3. What are the courses in the field of mathematics that I can apply for on the CUET exam? 

Integrated B.Sc B.Ed in Mathematics, Integrated B.Sc and M.Sc in Mathematics, and Integrated M.Sc in Mathematics are the courses for which candidates can sit for the CUET exam. 


4. Is Calculus included in the CUET Maths syllabus 2024? 

Calculus is an integral part of the CUET Maths Syllabus. It covers differential and integral calculus, including concepts of derivatives, limits, integrations, and their applications. 


5. What is the difficulty level of the Mathematics exam? 

The difficulty level of the CUET Mathematics exam is easy to moderate, based on the 12th syllabus.