CUET Physics Syllabus 2024

18 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

Physics is a core science domain focusing on nature and its allied properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics encompasses a wide range of areas, including mechanics, light, heat, sound, radiation, magnetism, electricity, and atomic structure. Before preparing for the physics stream courses, candidates should review the Physics Syllabus for CUET.


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CUET Physics Syllabus: 


CUET’s physics curriculum is divided into ten main units, each with its sub-units, each of which is interconnected and relevant to its respective area. You can also read about the syllabus on the official website here – The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the course: 



  • Electric charges and their conservation 
  • Electric field 
  • Electric flux 
  • Electric potential 
  • Conductors and insulators 
  • Dielectrics and electric polarization 
  • Capacitors and Capacitance 

Current Electricity 

  • Electric current 
  • Carbon resistors 
  • Kirchhoff’s laws and simple applications 
  • Wheatstone Bridge, metre bridge 
  • Potentiometer 
Unit. 3 

Magnetic Effects of the Current and Magnetism 

  • Ampere’s law 
  • Cyclotron 
  • Moving coil galvanometer 
Unit. 4 

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents 

  • Electromagnetic Induction 
  • Alternating currents 
  • AC generator and transformer 
Unit. 5 

Electromagnetic waves 

  • Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics 
  • Electromagnetic spectrum 
Unit. 6 


  • Reflection of light, spherical mirrors, mirror formula 
  • Refraction of light, total internal refraction. 
  • Magnification, power of a lens 
  • Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism 
  • Microscopes and astronomical telescopes 
  • Wave optics. 
  • Proof of laws of reflection and refraction using Huygens principle 
Unit. 7 

Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 

  • Photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations 
  • Einstein’s photoelectric equation- particle nature of light 
  • Matter wave-wave nature of particles, DeBroglie relation 
  • Davisson-Germer experiment,  
Unit. 8 

Atoms and Nuclei 

  • Alpha- Particle scattering experiment 
  • Rutherford’s model of the atom 
  • Bohr model, energy levels, hydrogen spectrum 
  • Radioactivity 
Unit. 9 

Electronic Devices 

  • Energy band in solids 
  • Semiconductor diode 
  • Junction transistor 
  • Oscillator 
  • Logic gates (NOR, OR, AND, NOT, and NAND)
Unit 10 

Communication Systems 

  • Elements of a communication system 
  • Bandwidth of signals 
  • Bandwidth of the transmission medium 
  • Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, sky, and space wave propagation 
  • Need for modulation 


Comprehensive overview of the CUET test structure for the Physics subject: 


  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) has made it public that the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12th  will be the only one included in the Physics Syllabus for the CUET. 
  • There will be one question paper with a total of 50 questions. Besides, the candidates only need to answer 40 of these questions during the exam. 
  • There is a maximum score of 200, and for every incorrect response, you will lose one point. 
  • The examination will take a total of 45 minutes and consist of objective multiple-choice questions.


Exam format for the CUET Physics Syllabus 2024 


Total Questions Questions needed to be Attempted Duration Marking Scheme 
50 4545 mins For every correct answer, 5 marks will be awarded.



The aspirants of the physics domain should go through and understand the Physics syllabus for CUET as it offers a comprehensive and well-structured framework for students to excel in their CUET exams and their boards.


This syllabus focuses on various topics, ranging from electrostatics to communication systems. It not only prepares students for their academic goals but also lays a strong foundation for future studies in Physics.


By focusing on the ten critical units from class 12 NCERT textbooks, students can optimise their study strategies for both exams.


FAQs related to CUET Physics Syllabus 2024 


1. How can I access the class 12th physics syllabus 2024? 

You can download the physics syllabus from the official website of your respective board.


2. What is the level of physics in CUET? 

The CUET Physics syllabus covers chapters and topics covered in the Class 12th syllabus, which is the syllabus of the board exams. Students preparing for the UG 2024 Physics exam should thoroughly study the physics syllabus that is taught in the class 12th syllabus at their school.


3. How can I download the CUET Physics Syllabus 2024 pdf? 

The National Testing Agency is the exam conducting body of this examination. The candidates can also view the syllabus PDF from the CUET Syllabus Physics official notification on the NTA website. 


4. Which are the best Physics reference books for CUET preparation 2024? 

The NCERT Physics textbook is one of the best books candidates can consider for the CUET exam preparation. 

5. How many units are there in the CUET Physics Syllabus? 

There are 10 units in the CUET Physics Syllabus 2024, along with various topics and sub-topics. 


6. What types of questions are asked in the CUET Physics examination? 

There are MCQ types of questions asked in the CUET entrance examination.