CUET Teaching Aptitude Syllabus 2024

18 March, 2024
parthiva mewawala

Teaching aptitude is a subject that evaluates the candidate’s understanding of the teaching methodologies, learning theories, evaluation techniques, and classroom management. Additionally, this subject evaluates the candidate’s ability to understand, learn, and communicate effectively with students. 


The candidates who choose to pursue BA-BEd, BSc-BEd, or any other integrated BEd program after HSC will have to shortlist teaching aptitude as their domain subject. They can download the Syllabus for CUET Teaching Aptitude from the official website –


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CUET Syllabus for Teaching Aptitude – Types of questions 

Here is what your CUET Teaching Aptitude paper will look like:


Section IA- Languages 
  • Reading comprehension on varied passages 
Section IB- Languages 
  • Reading comprehension on varied styles of passages 
Section II – Domain 
  • Compulsory 15 domain-specific questions 
  • The total number of questions may vary for part 2 of the domain section. 
Section III- General Test 
  • General Knowledge, Numerical Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, General Mental Ability and Current Affairs. 


Important topics for CUET Syllabus for Teaching Aptitude 


                      Important topics for CUET Syllabus for Teaching Aptitude 
CUET Teaching Aptitude Units CUET Teaching Aptitude Syllabus 

Two narratives/ newspaper reports about schools/teachers/ children/ Questions on data/information/analysis/issues

  • Gender
  • School Access 
  • Teacher’s work 
  • Scores 

Popular films and documentaries 

  • Education
  • Books
  • Showing the struggles of girls, tribals and Dalits


  • Based on observation of natural phenomenon
  • famous Indian Scientists, women scientists, 
  • Current information such as COVID, technology, and programs in science


  • Sense of proportion, perspective, abilities
  • Famous mathematicians, women mathematicians
  • Difficulties that children face while learning Mathematics

Arts, Music, and Drama (Performing and Visual Arts)

  • Academies of art teaching
  • Benefits of practicing art forms
  • Indian art and music traditions

Social Science 

  • Based on difficulties that children face in social sciences
  • Details of subjects being taught 
  • Nobel and other award winners for creating knowledge
  • Teachers in history: Buddha, Jain, construction of teachers in Upanishads. 

Language and Content 

  • Famous stories, novels, and poems with reference in school under NCERT 6th to 12th syllabus.
  • Biographies/autobiographies of famous women/tribals/Dalits with descriptions of their school experiences, teachers, or class.
  • Difficulties faced by children while learning poems or grammar. 


CUET Teaching Aptitude Exam Pattern 


There is a common CUET exam pattern 2024 for all the domains. The table below illustrates the CUET Teaching Aptitude Test pattern 2024:


Particulars Details 
Status of CUET Teaching Aptitude syllabusAvailable
CUET exam conducting bodyNational Testing Agency (NTA)
Medium of exam13 languages – English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Odia, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
Total questions40 out of 50 questions to be attempted
Type of questionsMultiple Choice Questions
Marking Scheme+5 for each correct answer

-1 for each incorrect answer

CUET Teaching Aptitude mapping for coursesFour-year integrated BEd courses



Candidates appearing for the CUET Teaching Aptitude exam are encouraged to practice previous years’ question papers and mock tests to familiarize themselves with the examination pattern and format. They should get familiar with the exam pattern and format. It is essential to thoroughly review course materials and meticulously record important concepts and points. Candidates are advised to acquire two to three preparatory books. These books will help students prepare a list of CUET topics and sort them into manageable and challenging categories. They should undertake as many practice papers as possible, as this will aid in comprehending the exam structure and identifying optimal examination strategies.

FAQs related to CUET 2024 Teaching Aptitude Syllabus 


1. How can I get the CUET Teaching Aptitude Syllabus pdf? 

The CUET Teaching Aptitude Syllabus 2024 is available on CUET’s official website, namely


2. How to prepare for teaching aptitude for CUET? 

For students planning to appear for the teaching aptitude section of CUET, they should focus on the topics highlighted in previous years’ questions and develop a list of books for CUET study. Additionally, they should purchase two to three CUET prep books, which will assist students in preparing for the entrance exam and planning their studies.


3. Is teaching aptitude mandatory for CUET? 

Teaching Aptitude is mandatory for those who want to pursue integrated BEd degrees after their 12th.


4. What is the teaching aptitude test in CUET? 

The CUET Teaching Aptitude Test covers topics including childhood and growing up, the policy framework for education, learning TLP, sociological and philosophical education,  language across the curriculum, teacher as a professional, teaching of languages, and teaching of science and mathematics. 


5. What are the total marks of teaching aptitude in CUET? 

The Common University Examination Test will be conducted by the National Testing Agency for undergraduate programs each year in four sections. The CUET carries 200 marks for each section. In addition, the CUET question paper will be conducted in English.