How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt – Best Preparation Tips & Strategy

22 January, 2024
Radhika Joshi

It is important for you to understand that achieving a higher score on the GATE exam, even on your first attempt, is entirely possible. The key is to follow effective strategies consistently. To understand how to crack GATE exam in first attempt? Candidates need to start preparing for the GATE 2024 Exam as soon as possible, as there is not much time left as the exams will be conducted on 3, 4,10, and 11 February 2024 and proving your best is crucial.


As GATE aspirants taking the exam for the first time. Do not pressure yourself, but keep track of their preparation and take and understand the right strategies and approaches. 


Now you are probably wondering how to crack Gate exam in first attempt? The article includes the effective GATE exam preparation tips and strategies.


How To Crack GATE Exam in First attempt?


In this article, we will let you know how to crack Gate exam in first attempt with some of the most effective preparation tips and strategies, as well as some valuable additional tips that will undoubtedly help you pass the GATE exam on your first try. Here are a few crucial tips:


Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus


To prepare effectively for the GATE 2024, candidates must first understand the exam structure and syllabus. It is the first stage of the preparation process to become familiar with the paper’s difficulty level, the sections’ weightage, and the scoring structure. The exam pattern and syllabus offer students a clear plan for completing the entire subject in a limited time. A brief overview of how to crack GATE exam in first attempt the and the Paper Pattern is provided in a tabular manner:


Exam NameGATE (Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering)
Duration3 hours
Exam modeSingle-paper Computer-Based Test(CBT)
Type of questions
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ)
  • Multiple select questions (MSQ)
  • Numerical Answer type (NAT)
No. of questions65
Total Marks100
GATE Number of SectionsTwo/ Three (depending on the paper)
GATE Section-wise Number of Questions
  • General Aptitude- 10 questions,
  • Core Discipline- 55 questions
GATE Section-wise Weightage
  • General Aptitude- 15 marks,
  • Core Discipline- 85 marks
Marking SchemeEach correct answer in the exam will be awarded either 1 or 2 marks.
GATE Negative Marking
  • For 1 mark MCQ, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;
  • For 2-mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;
  • No negative marking for MSQs and NATs


Create an Effective Study Schedule


Time management is the most important need to understand effectively on how to crack GATE exam in first attempt and to prepare for the GATE 2024 exam. Candidates must create a healthy study schedule by providing equal time slots for each subject. You must continue your preparation process following the timetable. You must ensure that the study plan is not too hectic and that you rigorously follow it.


Follow & Utilise Relevant Study Material


Students should carefully select their study materials, ensuring they are mainly created to fulfil their exam objectives. To select the best study material, it is recommended that you take tips from top scorers and experts. The books and courses should be up to date with the latest exam trends and cover all portions of the exam thoroughly. This will guarantee that the material adequately prepares candidates for the exam.


Create Short Notes


As candidates study for their exams, they should make effective strategies and notes covering the syllabus. This is required to cover a wide range of topics in a limited time. The notes should cover all major topics, crucial facts, and equations, allowing aspirants to efficiently revise the material without relying on common textbooks. This will help to enhance their knowledge of the principles, leading to higher test scores.


Prepare Using Past Year Question Papers 


Previous year’s question papers are helpful for exam preparation and to further understand how to crack GATE exam in first attempt. They help determine the exam’s difficulty level and measure progress toward preparedness. By attempting past year papers, candidates can understand their weaker topics and examine their preparation, increasing their confidence in their ability to score well in the exam. These problems also provide a complete picture of the pattern of significant sections that are often asked as questions in the exam.


Revise Effectively


Revision is the most effective way of brushing up on concepts and clarifying any doubts you may have. To improve their exam score, candidates must continue to revise their weaker topics. You must revise everything you have studied and review it to increase your knowledge.


Engage in Mock Test Sessions


Practising mock tests can help you prepare for the exam by increasing your speed and accuracy and also help you answer and understand how to crack the GATE exam in one attempt. Mock tests allow you to track and analyze your performance. These tests can help you discover areas that need additional focus and improvement. Taking practice tests based on the most recent exam paper pattern is important.


Stay Healthy and Confident


To score well on an exam, candidates must maintain proper health and confidence throughout preparation. A healthy mind is required to perform efficiently and get a high score. To be healthy and energised, aspirants should maintain a healthy daily lifestyle that includes physical activity and meditation. This allows candidates to improve their efficiency and chances of success.


How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt: Last Minute Tips


Aspirants must organise and strategize their final examination. To help candidates improve their performance in the upcoming GATE 2024 exam, a few last-minute advice are discussed here:


Final Revision  

Candidates should revise all topics and sections in the last few days to increase their scores. They should revise all of the concepts in a small amount of time, taking short notes.


Avoid Studying New Topics


To maintain your performance level, candidates should avoid studying new topics in the last days of preparation. New topics might need more clarity in the mind, affecting accuracy.


Keep Track of Your Progress


Candidates should keep track of their progress during the preparation process to sustain their performance. Candidates could prepare sample tests and previous year’s question papers to improve their grades.


Maintain a Healthy Schedule 


Candidates should maintain a healthy schedule during their final exam to stay energised and fresh. Physical fitness is required to perform well on the exam. Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet to stay optimistic and fit.


Final Words: Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt with The Best Tips 

In conclusion, scoring a high score in GATE 2024 on your first attempt is possible with consistent and effective strategies. Begin early and follow effective preparation tips, which can significantly increase your chances of success. Also, understanding the exam pattern, preparing a study schedule, using relevant study material, and engaging in practice with past year’s question papers are important steps that help you get through the GATE journey. For last-minute preparations, focus on final revision, avoid new topics, track progress, and maintain a healthy schedule. Follow these tips and ways on how to crack the GATE exam in first attempt for optimal results.