GATE Civil Engineering (CE) Paper Analysis 2024

30 January, 2024
Radhika Joshi

GATE Exam Analysis provides a helping hand to the candidates to understand the type of questions asked in the exam, the difficulty level of the specific GATE Question Paper and the marking scheme. As the Civil Engineering 2024 exam is completed on 4th February, a comprehensive GATE CE exam analysis guide is available to all candidates. Additionally, we recommend that all candidates keep informed and updated through our website. This will ensure that they stay up-to-date with any changes or updates that may be helpful for them in successfully passing through the GATE journey.


GATE CE Exam Analysis 2024 Shift 1:


  • Marks Weightage


SubjectsMarks WeightageDifficulty Level
Geotechnical Engineering14Moderate to Hard
Transportation Engineering10Moderate to Hard
Environmental Engineering8Moderate
Engineering Mechanics4Easy to Moderate
Strength of Materials7Moderate
Structural Analysis4Moderate to Hard
Reinforced Cement Concrete5Easy to Moderate
Steel Structures1Moderate
Hydrology and Irrigation7Moderate to Hard
Fluid Mechanics and Open Channel Flow6Easy to Moderate
Construction Materials and Management3Moderate
Surveying7Easy to Moderate
Aptitude15Moderate to hard
Engineering Mathematics9Moderate to hard


  • Variety of Questions


Type of QuestionsNumber of Questions
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)37
Multiple Select Question (MSQ)23
Numerical Answer Type Question (NAT)5


  • Difficulty level

The forenoon paper of Civil Engineering was a moderately difficult paper. Questions asked in this paper were lengthy, requiring a lot of calculations. Due to this reason the chances of making the calculation mistakes were observed more in this paper. Getting into more details, here is the subject-wise analysis of the Civil Engineering forenoon paper of GATE 2024.


  • Geotechnical Engineering

The questions are framed from the chapters of properties of soil, seepage analysis, Earth pressures, consolidation of soil and shallow foundation which can be listed as the highly probable areas of questions framing in geotechnical engineering for GATE. Questions were of moderate to hard difficulty level, involving bulky calculations.


  • Transportation Engineering

Questions asked in transportation engineering in this paper were more conceptual questions requiring less calculations. While attempting the paper, candidates have invested a lot of time in question understanding for this subject of the GATE 2024 forenoon session for Civil Engineering.


  • Environmental Engineering

Questions of environmental engineering in the GATE 2024 forenoon session of civil engineering have a good mix of easy and hard questions. Few match the column types of questions framed in this subject, for solving them, candidates have opted for the option elimination approach. 


  • Strength of Materials

Questions of strength of materials were slightly tricky this time. Difficulty level of the questions was moderate and most of them were formula based questions. Repeatedly, over the years, it was observed that principal stresses and deflections were the key areas of questions framing. This year also the same trend was observed for this subject, along with the questions from Thin pressure vessels and Torsion of shafts.


  • Structural Analysis


Questions of Structural Analysis for this paper were highly conceptual questions, which requires deep understanding of the structural behaviour. Questions were framed from the chapters of indeterminacies and Influence line diagrams, along with Truss Analysis. 


  • Reinforced Cement Concrete and Steel Structures

Questions from these two subjects had the difficulty level of easy to moderate. Direct questions from the provisions of IS:456 and IS:800 were asked in RCC and Steel structures respectively.


  • Fluid Mechanics and Open Channel Flow

Questions asked from these subjects were the direct formula based questions. Difficulty level of these questions were easy to moderate level. As per the memory based questions that we have received, weightage of Open channel flow was more than fluid mechanics.


  • Hydrology and Irrigation

For these two subjects, from the last few years, direct formula based questions were asked. For the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Forenoon Session, the same pattern of questions were asked. Difficulty level of the questions was moderate to hard.


  • Construction Materials and Management

For the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering forenoon session, one question from engineering economics was asked. Over the past few years, not many questions were observed from this area. The weightage of CMM for this was also more than the conventional weightage of this subject.


  • Surveying 

As it is one of the highly practical application-based subjects, which opens up the wide domain of question framing from the day-to-day civil engineering works, questions asked in the GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Forenoon session from this subject were practical application-based questions. Moderate difficulty level questions were framed from photogrammetry and tacheometry, but the overall difficulty level of the questions from this subject was easy to moderate. 


IMS GATE ACADEMY has conducted a detailed GATE CE Exam Analysis and solution discussion of the memory-based questions just after the session. Civil Engineering Department Mentors have provided valuable insights and experience of this session. 


GATE 2024 Civil Engineering Forenoon Session Detailed Analysis Link –


Here is the past years’ paper analysis: 

GATE CE Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 1: 12th February 2023


Find below the detailed analysis of the GATE 2023 Civil Shift 1 Exam:


  1. The GATE Civil Engineering 2023 Exam comprised a total of 65 questions, including 9 multiple-select questions (MSQs), 22 numerical answer-type questions (NATs), and 34 Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs).
  2. According to the feedback received from the candidates who appeared for the exam, the Aptitude section was considered to be quite difficult. However, the overall difficulty level of the GATE CE exam was moderate.
  3. Furthermore, the section with the highest weightage in the exam was Geotechnical Engineering, which was expected, given its significance in the field of Civil Engineering.
  4. This detailed GATE CE exam analysis will help you gain a better understanding of the GATE 2023 Civil Shift 1 Exam.
Topics1 Marks2 MarksTotal Marks
Engineering Mathematics5413
Strength of Materials137
Engineering Hydrology125
Engineering Mechanics101
Geotechnical Engineering4616
Structural Analysis125
Building Material and Construction Management101
Design of Steel Structures113
Irrigation Engineering012
Transportation Engineering226
Open Channel Flow125
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics012
Environmental Engineering3411
Design of Concrete Structures214
General Aptitude5515


GATE CE Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 2: 12th February 2023


As per the feedback from the candidates who appeared for the GATE 2023 CE exam in shift 2, the overall difficulty level was moderate. The question paper included a total of 65 questions, which included 35 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), 11 Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), and 19 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. 


Upon analyzing the question paper, it was observed that specific topics carried higher weightage compared to others. For instance, Engineering Mathematics was a crucial topic with 9-11 marks assigned to it, followed by Geotechnical Engineering with 12-15 marks, Environmental Engineering with 10-12 marks, SOM (Strength of Materials) + Structures with 11-14 marks, and Hydrology + Irrigation with 4 marks. 


Overall, the paper was created to test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of various Civil Engineering concepts, and the marks were distributed in a way that ensured that no particular topic was given undue importance.


GATE CE Exam Analysis 2022


The question paper for the GATE CE exam was generally easy, according to the candidates who appeared for the exams. However, some aspirants found the General Aptitude section to be challenging. The overall difficulty level of the GATE CE 2022 question paper was moderate, consisting of 7 MSC questions, 35 MCQ questions, and 23 NAT questions. There was only one question related to SOM modular. Environmental and geotechnical engineering carried 11 marks each. For a detailed GATE CE Exam Analysis 2022, please check below.


Topics1 Marks2 MarksTotal Marks
Engineering Mathematics3513
Strength of Materials113
Engineering Hydrology012
Engineering Mechanics000
Geotechnical Engineering5311
Structural Analysis036
Building Material and Construction Management214
Design of Steel Structures012
Irrigation Engineering113
Transportation Engineering238
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics238
Environmental Engineering5311
Design of Concrete Structures238
General Aptitude5515


GATE CE Exam Analysis 2021 Session 1


The conducted exam was at a Moderate level of difficulty overall. It included 15 NATs (Numerical Answer Type) questions and 2 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Also, candidates who appeared for the exam described that the General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics sections were relatively easy; hence, scoring well in these sections could prove advantageous.


Furthermore, the paper had a few subjects with higher weightage regarding mark distribution. These subjects were Transportation, Environment, and Geo-Tech. Thus, it is advisable for candidates to focus on these particular topics while preparing for the exam. Overall, the exam was well-balanced and aimed at testing the knowledge and analytical abilities of the candidates.

Subject NameQuestions (1 Mark+2 Marks)Weightage
Construction Material (CPM)1+2
General Aptitude5+515%
Engineering Mathematics5+311%
Geotech Engineering2+113%
Environmental Engineering3+68%
Fluid Mechanics1+26%
Structural Analysis2+16%
Strength of Materials4%
Steel Structure0+12%
Design Of Steel Structure0+1
Irrigation & Hydrology1+09%
Building Material1+02%
Transportation Engineering11%


GATE CE Exam Analysis 2021 Session 2


  1. The overall level of the exam was Moderate and candidates were able to attend the exam effectively.
  2. The paper consisted of 2 MCQs.
  3. Likewise, General Aptitude and Geo-Tech sections were easy.
  4. Geotech Engineering, & Environmental Engineering were the subjects with the highest marks weightage.
Subject NameQuestions (1 Mark+2 Marks)Weightage
Transportation4 + 315%
Fluid Mechanics0 + 113%
Engineering Mechanics1 + 35%
Mechanics of Material0 + 16%
Environment3 + 214%
Irrigation0 +15%
SOM2 + 511%
Surveying0 + 36%
Hydrology1 + 16%
Geotech Engineering4 + 04%
Steel Structure1 + 51%
RCC3 + 53%
Structural Analysis0 + 59%


GATE CE Exam Analysis FAQs

Does the GATE exam include numerical-type questions?

Yes. There will be some numerical-type questions. The candidates can utilise the virtual on-screen calculators to answer such questions.


How difficult is the Civil paper in GATE?

The difficulty level of the Civil exam depends on the candidates’ level of preparation. As Civil is a popular subject, the competition for admission in this course is significantly high. Candidates are advised to start their preparation early and plan a good strategy to ensure that the exam is not difficult.


What are the benefits of understanding the GATE CE Exam analysis?

It is important to understand the GATE analysis to identify the paper patterns and to evaluate one’s potential marks in the exam.


How many sections do the Civil Engineering part have?

Civil Engineering is divided into different fields, including Engineering Mathematics, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Geomatics Engineering.