GATE Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Paper Analysis 2024

02 February, 2024
Radhika Joshi

The GATE CS examination, conducted on February 10th, is highly anticipated by candidates, especially those in the Computer Science (CS) stream. IMS is dedicated to providing comprehensive and insightful GATE CS Paper Analysis to help candidates prepare for the best. This analysis will not only help aspirants to have a detailed understanding of the exam’s structure but also enlighten them about the questions’ distribution across different topics and the difficulty level of each section.


With this information, aspirants can better understand their strengths and weaknesses, prioritise their study areas, and fine-tune their preparation strategies accordingly.

GATE CS Paper Analysis 2024: Overview

The GATE 2024 exam for Computer Science and Information Technology was conducted on February 10, 2024. The paper consisted of a total of 65 MCQ questions of MSQ and NAT types. Below is a table summarising the important highlights of the GATE CS Paper Analysis 2024 for your reference.


GATE CSE Paper 2024 Overview
Exam NameGATE 2024
GATE Full FormGraduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
Organizing InstituteIISc Bengaluru
GATE 2024 CSE Exam Date10 February 2024
Purpose of GATE ExamOffering Admission to M.E./ M.Tech/ Ph.D Courses and PSU Recruitments
Exam ModeComputer-Based-Test (CBT)
Duration of Paper3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Number Of Questions65
Total Marks100
Exam FrequencyOnce a Year
Number of Papers30
Validity of GATE Score3 Years
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GATE CS Paper Analysis Shift 1:



SectionNumber of QuestionTotal MarksDifficulty Level
General Aptitude1015Easy to moderate
Engineering Mathematics713Moderate to difficult
Computer Science & Information Technology4872Moderate to difficult


Students can find detailed topic-wise weightage information for Computer Science Engineering in the complete GATE paper analysis 2024 for shift 1.



GATE CS Paper Analysis Shift 2:


SectionNumber of QuestionTotal MarksDifficulty Level
General Aptitude1015Easy to moderate
Engineering Mathematics713Moderate to difficult
Computer Science & Information Technology4872Moderate to difficult


For a detailed analysis of the topic-wise weightage of shift 2, students can refer to the complete GATE CS paper analysis for 2024:



Difficulty Level

As per the feedback received from the students and the paper analysis conducted by the IMS Team, it has been concluded that the GATE CSE Paper 2024 was of moderate difficulty level. After reviewing the paper, it is observed that some technical questions were comparatively more challenging and required more time to solve.

Questions Asked

The paper consisted of questions from various subjects listed in the section below:

  • Boolean algebra
  • Combinational and sequential circuits
  • Minimization
  • Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating-point)
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Programming and Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks

GATE CS Exam Analysis 2023 


GATE 2023 CSE exam was held on February 4, 2023, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.


  1. The Difficulty Level of the GATE CS 2023 Exam was Moderate to difficult to Moderate.
  2. The Data Structure & programming were given the highest weightage of a total of 10 marks.
  3. Many questions in the paper were theoretical and conceptual.
  4. In comparison to last year, the questions included were more descriptive.
  5. There were a total of 34 MCQs, 16 NATs, and 15 MSQs.


Type of questionsNo. of Questions


GATE CS Paper Analysis 2023 – Check Detailed Exam Review of Computer Science Engineering


The table below shows the topic-wise mark distribution.

TopicsQuestionsTotal Marks
1 Mark2 Marks
Data Structures and Programming2410
Computer Organization327
Digital Logic428
Computer Network238
Theory of Computation339
Compiler Design137
Operating Systems339
Discrete Mathematics149
Engineering Mathematics327
General Aptitude5515


GATE CS Exam Analysis 2022 


GATE 2022 CSE paper was held on 5th February 2022 in a single session. According to candidates who appeared for the Computer Science and Information Technology (CSE) paper, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate to tough.


  1. In the GATE CS 2022 paper, more questions consisted of Theoretical & conceptual.
  2. The difficulty level of the aptitude section was also high.
  3. A total of 15 MSQs were given to answer. The number of NAT questions was 18, and 32 MCQs were asked.
  4. The overall difficulty level was Moderate to Tough.

GATE CS Paper Analysis 2022 


The Computer Science Paper was conducted on February 5th, 2022, in the morning shift. The exam included 65 questions covering the following topics:


Topic1-mark questions2-mark questionsTotal
Data Structuring & Programming336
Computer Organization & Architecture235
Digital Logic123
Computer Networks347
Theory of Computation246
Compiler Design123
Operating Systems224
Discrete Mathematics336
Engineering Mathematics224
General Aptitude5510
Total65 questions


GATE CS Exam Analysis 2021 


GATE 2021 CSE paper was conducted in two sessions on February 13, 2021. As per the aspirants who appeared for the Computer Science and Information Technology (CSE) paper, the exam was moderate to easy. And this GATE Paper Analysis will include all the details mentioned below:


  • 12 and 7 MSQ questions were included in the 1st and 2nd shifts of the exam, respectively.
  • Maximum NAT questions, i.e. 19, were asked in the 2nd shift.
  • The paper consisted of almost 50% direct concept-based questions.
  • The overall difficulty level was Moderate to Easy.


GATE 2021 CS Question Paper: Topic-wise Difficulty Level


The topic-wise distribution of questions and their level of difficulty have been given below:


SubjectShift 1Shift 2
Total QuestionsDifficulty LevelTotal QuestionsDifficulty Level
Algorithms8Difficult3Easy to moderate
Data Structure5Easy to moderate2-3Moderate
Computer Organisation4Easy4Easy to moderate
Digital Logic3Easy4Moderate
Computer Networks4Easy6Easy
Theory of Computation5Easy to moderate7Moderate
Database5Easy to moderate6Easy to moderate
Compiler Design5Difficult4Easy
Operating System4Difficult5Easy to moderate
Discrete Mathematics7Moderate6Easy to moderate
Engineering Mathematics4Moderate4-5Easy
General Aptitude10Easy to moderate6-11Easy
Total65Easy to moderate65Easy to moderate


GATE 2021 CS Question Paper- Distribution of the questions


Understand and utilise the GATE CS paper analysis to prepare for the exam effectively. The analysis of shift 2 is as follows:


Sr. No.Subject/TopicsMCQMSQNAT
2Date Structures102
3Theory of Computation421
4Digital Logic202
5Computer Network312
6Computer Organization113
7Operating Systems212
8Compiler Design211
10Discrete Mathematics402



The weightage and the distribution of the questions for the first shift were as given below:


TopicWeightage1 marks ques + 2 marks Ques
Computer Networks71+3
Computer Organization and Architecture102+2
Operating System73+2
Data Structures82+3
Digital Logic51+2
Engineering Mathematics102+2
General Aptitude155+5
Compiler Design82+3
Computer Networks82+3
Discrete Maths113+4


GATE CS Paper Analysis FAQs:

When was the GATE CSE Paper 2024 conducted?

The GATE CSE exam was held on February 10, 2024, in two sessions: morning and afternoon.


What was the difficulty level of the GATE CSE Paper 2024?

The overall question paper for GATE CSE 2024 was of a moderate level.

How long is the duration of the GATE CS exam?

The candidates will be given a total duration of 3 hours to complete the given task. With the help of GATE test papers and a complete understanding of GATE CS paper analysis, you can better make the strategy and execute it to achieve the best possible results.


Are there negative markings in the GATE CS Exam?

MCQs with one mark will have a negative marking of 1/3rd, and MCQs with two marks will have a negative marking of 2/3rd for every incorrect answer. 


What will be the total score of the GATE CS Exam 2024?

The GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) CS (Computer Science) exam, as you know, is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in computer science. The exam will be worth a total of 100 marks and cover a wide range of topics related to computer science and engineering. Candidates must keep learning more about the score distribution with the help of GATE CS Paper Analysis.


How many sections are included in the GATE CS Exam 2024?

The 2024 GATE CS Exam will include two sections: General Aptitude (10 questions) and Core Subjects (55 questions).