GATE Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Paper Analysis 2024

31 January, 2024
Radhika Joshi

The GATE Instrumentation Engineering Examination places a significant focus on core subjects. This examination is taken to evaluate a candidate’s understanding and familiarity with the basic concepts of instrumentation engineering. GATE IN Paper Analysis 2024 in detail will be updated soon on our website after the exam is completed on the 4th of February.


Control systems, measurement and instrumentation, analog electronics, digital electronics, signal processing, and communication are the core subjects of the GATE 2024 Instrumentation Engineering Exam. These topics account for approximately 70% to 75% of the question paper. To score well in this exam, candidates must understand these fundamental subjects well.

Expected GATE 2024 Instrumentation Subject-wise Weightage by Topics


TopicsExpected Number of questionsExpected Marks
Engineering Mechanics46
Mechanics of Material711
Machine Design23
Theory of Machines58
Heat Transfer47
Fluid Mechanics69
Manufacturing Engineering811
Industrial Engineering24


For the upcoming exam, candidates should expect questions distributed across different topics. Engineering Mechanics has 4 questions with a potential of 6 marks, followed by Mechanics of Materials with 7 questions and 11 marks. Machine Design comprises 2 questions for 3 marks, while Theory of Machines expects 5 questions for 8 marks. Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics foresee 4 and 6 questions 7 and 9 marks, respectively. Lastly, Manufacturing Engineering includes 8 questions for 11 marks, while Industrial Engineering presents 2 questions with 4 marks.

GATE IN Paper Analysis 2023 – Check Detailed GATE Instrumentation Exam Analysis


GATE 2023 Instrumentation Paper Analysis for the forenoon session on 11th February, 2023 is here:

ParametersGATE IN Paper Analysis 2023
Difficulty Level: General Aptitude (10 Questions)Easy-Moderate
Difficulty Level: Core Subjects (55 Questions)Difficult
Overall Level of DifficultyModerate
Major Topics CoveredElectrical Machines, Analog & Digital Circuits, Control System
Number of Good Attempts50+


The GATE IN Paper Analysis for 2023 shows a varied level of difficulty. In the General Aptitude section, with 10 questions, the difficulty was considered to be Easy-Moderate. However, the Core Subjects section, consisting of 55 questions, was difficult to answer. Overall, the paper was at a moderate level of difficulty. Major topics covered included Electrical Machines, Analog & Digital Circuits, and Control Systems. A recommended number of good attempts was considered to be 50 or more.

GATE IN Paper Analysis 2022

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2022 examination for the Instrumentation Engineering (IN) paper was conducted on February 6, 2022, in the afternoon session. As per the candidates who appeared for the exam, the overall level of difficulty of the paper was moderate, with some easy questions as well. 


The question paper included a total of 65 questions, consisting of 26 numerical answer type (NAT) questions and 5 Multiple-select Questions (MSQs). The NAT questions had no negative markings, while the MSQs carried negative markings for incorrect answers.


The examination covered various topics: Control Systems, Analog and Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Communication Engineering, and Electrical and Electronic Measurements. 


GATE IN Paper Analysis 2021 – Highlights

The overall difficulty level for the GATE exam 2021 was moderate to easy. A total of 39 MCQ questions were asked in the exam, consisting of multiple-choice and numerical answer-type questions.

Out of the total questions, 4 were MSQs (Multiple Select Questions), which required the candidates to select more than one correct option. These questions are created to thoroughly test the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The GATE IN 2021 examination also included 22 NAT numerical answer-type questions, which required the candidates to solve the questions and enter the answers in a virtual calculator.

 The topics with the most weightage in the exam were Measurements, Transducers, Analog Electronics, Signal & System, and Digital circuits. 

GATE 2020 IN Paper Analysis​


Students can utilize the analysis of the previous year’s GATE IN paper to get an idea about the type and difficulty level of questions that would be asked in the exam. They can also use this analysis to identify the most often asked topics and prepare accordingly.


The general aptitude section in the paper was relatively easy with direct questions. The paper had questions from Network and Control Systems and Signals, which were easy to solve. Questions from Digital and Microprocessor, Optical Instrumentation, Transducer, and Measurements, along with Engineering Mathematics, were moderately difficult. Analog circuits and Communication Systems were difficult to attempt.


The Networks and Digital & MicroProcessor sections had 10 and 11 mark questions, respectively. Communication System, Optical Instrumentation, Control Systems, Transducer, Signal & Systems, and Measurements sections had 6, 7, or 8 mark questions.



GATE IN Paper Analysis FAQs


How many questions were there in total in the GATE IN 2023 exam?

In the GATE IN exam conducted in 2023, a total of 65 questions were given to answer.


Which topic had the highest number of questions in the GATE Instrumentation exam 2023?

In the GATE IN 2023 examination, the questions were mostly from Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Analog Electronics, and Digital Circuits.


How many questions did the GATE Instrumentation 2023 exam include from General Aptitude?

A total of 10 questions were given to solve in the General Aptitude section of the GATE IN 2023 exam.


In the GATE IN 2021 examination, which topics featured questions worth 10 or 11 marks?

General Aptitude, Engineering Maths, and Electrical Machines & Control Systems were the specific topics for 10 and 11-mark questions in GATE IN 2023.