GATE Calculator – How to Download and Use It?

20 January, 2024
Radhika Joshi


As the GATE exam is just around the corner, i.e., Starting from the first week of February, candidates must take note that certain objects, including calculators, will not be allowed in the exam halls. Since GATE has a significant number of numerical questions, a calculator can come in handy for the students. In order to avoid any confusion, the authorities will provide a special facility known as the GATE 2024 virtual calculator. 


Candidates can easily use this GATE calculator to solve their numerical problems during the examination. This feature has been available since 2018 and has proved highly beneficial for candidates. However, all aspiring applicants need to understand how to use the virtual calculator, as it might initially seem a bit complicated. To better understand all its features, carefully read and understand the given details in this article.


What is GATE 2024 Virtual Calculator?


Candidates can use the GATE 2024 virtual calculator, created specifically for the GATE exam, to help them with complicated calculations.


It is advised that you start training using the virtual GATE calculator app on your mobile as early as possible. When candidates take the GATE sample tests, they will notice differences in how they use the online calculator, such as increased computation speed and less time spent on the calculator.


On the day of the exam, students can use a virtual scientific calculator on the computer screen to guarantee that their results are very close to the required figure.


GATE 2024 Virtual Calculator: How to Download and Use It?


During their preparation, candidates should have access to an online calculator to begin practising with the virtual GATE calculator. There are two simple ways to use the GATE calculator for numerical practice:


  • The GATE calculator app for mobile can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


  • Use the TCS Online virtual GATE calculator on your computer.


Features of GATE 2024 Virtual Calculator 


Some of the features listed below will help applicants understand how to use the virtual GATE  calculator 2024:


  • The administrators at GATE 2024 exam centres will allow candidates appearing for the entrance examination to use the virtual calculator.


  • Simple operating keys will be present on the right side of the GATE 2024 virtual calculator.


  • The keys for scientific functions and operations will be found on the left side of the virtual calculator.


  • Candidates won’t need to use the SHIFT or INV keys for executing inversion functions.


  • The inverse functions will be given below the corresponding functions. For example, sininv will be found below on the calculator under sin. 


  • The candidates should be able to determine the grouping of trigonometric functions.


  • The hyperbolic functions will also be organised into groups on the virtual GATE calculator 2024.


  • Candidates will see two display boxes near the top of the virtual GATE calculator. For reference, one of the boxes will show the candidate’s key sequence.


  • The other box will show the actual values entered or the calculated results.


Steps to Use Virtual GATE Calculator: 

The GATE virtual calculator may confuse the candidates as it will have complex functions; thus, using such a new device in the examination surrounding some simple calculations might take time.


Here is the simplification understanding by breaking down the process into steps for using the GATE calculator and providing examples below:


How to Calculate

Example for Calculations

Simple Arithmetic Calculations
  • To calculate 80 + 62 x 2, input 80, +, 62, *, 2, =
  • For the calculation: 48 x 14-9, input 48, *, 14, -, 9, =
  • Similarly, for 76 x (2+6), input 76, *, (, 2, +, 6, ), =
How to evaluate function (value)
  • To evaluate 2 + log(60) x 10, enter 60, log, *, 10, +, 2, =
  • For evaluating log(20) x 2 – 9, enter 20, log, *, 2, -, 9, =
  • For evaluating In(12) x 2 + 8, enter 12, ln, *, 2, +, 8, =
  • For evaluating 6 + In(12) x 2, enter 12, ln, *, 2, +, 6, =
How to use sin(Degree), cos(Degree), tan(Degree)
  • To evaluate sin(22) or cos(22) or tan(22) candidates must enter 22, sin or cos or tan
  • To evaluate: tan(62) x 8 + 2 candidates must enter 62, tan, *, 8, +, 2, =
How to find out yroot() valueTo evaluate 4th root of 8 candidates must enter 8, y√x, 4, =
How to find out cube() valueTo evaluate: 486 x 8+9 candidates must enter 48, x6, *, 8, +, 9, =
How to find π valueTo evaluate 12, π candidates must enter 12, *, π
How to find cube root()To evaluate cube root(12) candidates must enter 12,6√
How to find out the square rootTo evaluate square root(8) candidates must enter 8,√
How to find out factorial (nỊ)
  • To evaluate factorial(2) candidates must enter 2, nỊ
  • To evaluate factorial(20)*8-2 candidates must enter 20, nỊ, *, 8, -, 2, =
How to find exponential (ex )To evaluate e0 candidates must enter 0, ex
How to find 10x
  • To calculate 122.2, input 2.2, *, 12, +
  • For evaluating 18 – 0.209, input 18, -, 0.209, +/-, =
  • For evaluating 20^2, input 20, ^, 2, +/-, =



Know About the Limitations of the GATE 2024 Virtual Calculator

There are a few limitations to using the  Virtual GATE Calculator:


  • A factorial calculation can provide a maximum output of 14 digits.


  • The keyboard operation will be disabled.


  • The output for logarithmic and hyperbolic calculations is limited to two digits.


  • Modulus operations on decimal integers with 12 digits would be inaccurate. If the number has fewer than 12 digits, apply the mod procedure.


  • The calculator accepts numbers from 10(-626) to 10(608).


Tips and Tricks for Using the GATE 2024 Virtual Calculator 


Here are some important tips and strategies for using the  virtual GATE calculator to achieve the necessary result as quickly as possible. The following tips will help you use the GATE 2024 virtual calculator more efficiently.


  • When initiating a calculation, press [C].


  • As much as possible, use brackets.


  • Always press [C] to start a new calculation.


  • To save time, look for operands that have previously been placed.


  • Remember that answers cannot be modified; thus, students should adjust the responses to the required decimal places.


  • Use a preset operator like log, ln, or n for rapid computations!


  • To avoid errors in computation, try using brackets for complicated operators.


  • Use the memory keys listed below to perform extensive calculations.


For extensive calculations, use the memory keys shown below:


  • MC is used to clear the memory, whereas MS is used to remember the number.


  • MR is used for reading the number from memory.


  • M+ adds memory to the number displayed on the screen, which is subsequently saved in memory.


  • M- is used to remove. i.e., subtract the displayed number from the memory value and store the result in memory.


Practising using the virtual GATE calculator regularly is vital to become familiar with all the important keys. This will allow you to get the most out of the calculator and maximise its capabilities. If you have any further queries concerning the calculator, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.


GATE Virtual Calculator FAQs


1. Can a student access a standalone GATE calculator app on their smartphone or computer?

No, applicants will be unable to use a standalone calculator because they will only be available online. To load the calculator on your computer or mobile device, you need an online connection.


2. How do you represent complex numbers?

The virtual GATE calculator 2024 enables answering questions about complex numbers in various fields, including power systems.


3. How do you execute fractional calculations?

The responses to numerical questions will only be in decimal form. As a result, there will be no fractional provisions.


4. How can you convert polar coordinates to rectangular form and vice versa?

Because there are no dedicated keys for this function, applicants must use the calculator to conduct the required conversions.


5. What is the method for solving quadratic, cubic, or simultaneous equations?

The virtual calculator cannot execute such calculations as they are not programmable for this function.

6. How do you perform matrix operations such as inverse, transpose, and others?

Candidates need to perform these calculations manually, as virtual calculators will not be utilisable for this purpose.

7. Can candidates use the keyboard during the GATE 2024 examination?

No, applicants cannot use the keyboard during the GATE 2024 exam.